Erotic Photography as Art

When most hear the words “Erotic Photography” images of bare girls with no morals taking advantage of themselves for money is what comes to mind. Erotic photography is very much more than this. At its core, erotic photography is a way to seize the essence of the body, the external attractiveness, and subtleties that define sensuality and eroticism.

Erotic photography is characterized as taking photos of the unclothed physique in a fashion that is artistic and creative. While, we typically think of pornography as the edgy, degrading, and often trashy images of women, with low moral standards behind it. Many photographers are spend many years perfecting the art of erotic photography. It’s also not unusual for an erotic photographer to take award-winning shots of their subjects, and receive much critical praise for their work. Erotic photography models endure vigorous training and education to grasp the creative nature of erotic photography and to learn the difference between erotic photography and pornography.

Long before magazines like Playboy were ever printed erotic photography was popular. History is filled with examples of erotic art and nude portraits. Due to various political and cultural climates, erotic photography has had to move underground at times, and the photographers have faced some battles. Today, the Internet has made it increasingly difficult to access the wealth of erotic photography since it is cluttered with pornographic images, however, there are some online resources that have creative and artist images that are excellent examples of professional erotic photography. With some extensive searching, using choice keyphrases like “nude art” and “erotic women” you can find some very good examples of modern erotic photography. These are the people who should be praised for their artistic abilities and talents.

Erotic depictions have been present in almost every society in this world. The Paleolithic carvings and cave paintings are an example of very old, but surviving erotic depictions. Go to Pompeii and you will find Greek paintings covering all the ruined walls of Roman buildings. In South America, if you visited Peru, you might encounter the Moshe community, who sculpted erotic scenes into their pottery. Also, the Larco museum in Lima contains many examples of erotic ceramics and artwork.

The same can be found in Eastern cultures. The Shunga of Japan appeared for many centuries, and depicted their own sort of erotic art. Until the advent of photography, their work continued to grow in popularity. In China, it was during the latter years of Ming dynasty that erotic art reached its climax. The Kama Sutra of India continues to enjoy popularity till today.

Today, erotic artists are still present in our societies although their work is not accepted like that of other genres of art. However, over the last few years, there has been a big growth and development in this art. New approaches, such as realism and impressionism have developed. What remains to be seen is how long erotic art continues to live with us.
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