Fine Art and Display Lighting

Fine art and display lighting requires excellence in three arenas. First, it requires top quality equipment that will maximize artistic expression and not inadvertently damage art or create fire hazard in the process. Second, it requires trained, licensed electrical professionals who know how to install the equipment for safe and reliable performance. Third, and perhaps most overlooked in our industry, it requires the installer to view the project with the eye of an artist to achieve the maximum aesthetic outcome. For twenty-seven years, Illuminations Lighting and Design has built a reputation as Houston’s premier lighting design firm equally skilled in the technical and creative aspects of fine art museum and display lighting. Our trained and certified staff of electrical contractors has worked throughout greater Texas illuminating works by premier artists from around the world. Our team consists of experts in all types of accent lighting, display lighting, and fine art illumination.

We have consulted and lighted some of the world’s most prestigious public and private art collections, including works from renowned artists such as Chagall, Picasso, Matisse, Renoir, Rockwell, Salvador Dali and Rembrandt. Many of these pieces are one of a kind and extremely sensitive to certain elements of light. Poorly installed equipment and inexperienced lighting design can damage these works of art irreversibly, so careful consideration needs to be taken when contracting an organization for display and fine art lighting services. It is essential to find a team like the one here at ILD who knows the destructive characteristics of the invisible light spectrum and that can harness and control infrared and ultraviolet radiation to prevent deterioration and fading of priceless art. Illuminations Lighting brings to the table an impeccable wealth of knowledge in fine art and display lighting fixtures combines with years of hands on experience working from one end of the lighting design spectrum to the other. Our expertise ranges from the very best low voltage accent lights on up to the complex Wendelighting™ optical projectors.

In addition to distributing only the most sophisticated fine art and display lighting equipment from the world’s top manufacturers, we also manufacture unique projectors and strip lights found nowhere else in the fine art and display lighting industry. Our Phantom Contour Projector dramatically highlights fine art work and sculpture on display by shaping the light to follow the exact contour of the object, producing a lighted look from within. Many premier galleries in Houston prefer the Phantom Projector as the optimal tool for fine art and display lighting because the projector itself installs above the eye line in the ceiling and produces a magical effect that brings out the full beauty of the world’s finest creativity. Regardless of whether you have a simple painting, a grouping of paintings or a tapestry, or a collection of three-dimensional art and sculpture, the results are simply spectacular.

For custom display lighting, Illuminations invented and patented the Phantom Strip Lighting System, which is marketed and distributed worldwide. Phantom Lighting is a low-voltage strip lighting system that illuminates coves, furniture, bookcases, breakfronts, and built-in displays. This patented adjustable shelf lighting method makes it possible to move and relocate individual shelves without the need for tools or rewiring while the light source itself remains hidden from the field of view. It also provides the perfect solution for bookcases and kitchen cabinetry with permanent or adjustable shelves. From a ballroom’s perimeter to very small spaces, such as coves, niches, corner cabinets and window valances, Phantom Lighting is the ultimate choice in residential and commercial linear illumination.

Whomever the artist and wherever the artwork is located, you can trust the professionals at Illuminations Lighting Design to design and implement a fine art lighting theme that will showcase your collection in the best possible light on a budget you can afford. Let a trained art lighting consultant help you with your collection.

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