The History of Abstract Art

Abstract art has been dated back to the early 1900’s. The very first abstract art ever created was by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. This fine piece of art was titled, Cubism. It is said that abstract art is the mind of an artist and his outlook on the world around him. Many different artist have many different styles. Some bright and colorful, while others are dim and timid. You can see many different strokes and patterns in abstract art. There is no end to what you can create or form with this style. This style is nothing of reality or nature, but more so imaginative art. Therefore nothing is out of ordinary when you create a piece of abstract art. You can express your inner thoughts, and imagination. There were and are many great abstract artists of our times, and several more to come.

Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Damien Hirst, and Brett Whiteley were among the many famous artists. Abstract is a non-realistic painting, you can never grasp the affects of this type of art fully, you can only admire and imagine what the meaning behind the paintings are. It’s very popular in current art circles, for the fact that it is “modern” or contemporary art. You will find that abstract art is refered to those types of art. People now a days want loud, vibrant mixture of colors and themes, others want a softer, darker theme.

Whichever your personal taste is, you will always find something. You can define abstract art as an exaggeration of something simple. Say an artist paints a leaf. Simple colors of green and gold, a touch of brown or red. Whereas an abstract artist might paint the same leaf in the colors of orange and purple, a bit of blue and black. He might elongate it, and widen it, add a swirl to the top, and plaster it on a fuchsia background. Then again, he might use only the simple colors of black, and white on a gray background. The leaf might be small, laying at the bottom of the canvas. There are so many ways to describe abstract art, but the best ways are imagination, exaggeration, stylization and modernization.

Abstract art is also very original. It is hard to duplicate a piece of work in this style of art. This reason makes it very desirable. Abstract art can give life and tranquillity to a room. It can set a mood, or bring out a vibe in people. It can draw attention and host conversations. It can be useful for emotional and mental tranquillity. To have a piece of art that brings peace and relaxation to a human, with soft tender tones and undertones, can make all the difference. Abstract art is very popular and in high demand with interior designers. Alot of interior designers incorporate abstract art into there finished designs to bring together their creation. And with the endless amount of color choices and moods within this art form, you will find something for everyone. This concludes the article about abstract art. I hope it was helpful in understand the passion and demand for this art form.

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Source by Nathan Martyn

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