Paintings: Showing The Difference Between Nude and Naked

The praising of these artworks is obvious. But the protest mainly came form the so called guards of the culture. It is because they have mixed two different phenomenons: nude and naked. It is certain that when one person is deprived of his or her clothes he or she is called naked.

The person would feel uncomfortable in that situation of the nakedness; and he or she would feel some sort of defencelessness, too, on being so naked. But the ‘nude’ body is not merely cloth-less figure. Here the person is neither defenceless nor feeling any shame or guilt. The naked body is well-balanced and feels proud of being so beautifully depicted in a natural pose.

When we look at a nude painting, that work of art creates a visual and emotional impact on us. The beauty of a human figure so painted by artistic choice of colours and their intensity spread on canvas send us on a journey of an art land, the land whereupon the artists had visualised something and he or she had tried depicting the same before us. So the naked body may be a questionable identify, the one nude is not.  Nudity presupposes the art and beauty. It is the representation of human body with no intention of creating the impulses like sex. Thus the nude and naked are clearly two different aspects.

If we look at the painting by the master artists we would not fail to mark the difference between a naked body and a nude body. Here the persons being painted seem feeling quite comfortable with their position and the depiction of natural beauty.

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