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Making a living with your art is not easy. It has become more important then ever to learn to sell your art. The broad availability of online distribution channels (e.g. eBay, etsy, etc…) may have given artists the opportunity to push their artwork more easily into the market, yet this phenomenon created a fierce level of competition. Producing superb artwork is sadly not enough to successfully sell on today’s competitive market. Today, every artist must invest into their marketing education, you simply need to learn to sell your art and school yourself on successful marketing techniques.

This article is intended to give you a head-start into the marketing world, presenting 4 main techniques geared towards artists, which will hopefully help you to sell and market your art more efficiently.

Learn to sell your art [part I]

Copy from the best

This recommendation may seem very general at first, as it can be applied to almost all walks of live but nonetheless it is a very important piece of advice. You can learn to sell your art by getting some inspiration from artists or organizations who already cultivated the art of selling their art. For example, if you would like to sell your artwork on etsy, engage in market research first. Have a look at the top-sellers on etsy and try to figure out what they are doing. Learn to sell your art by copying their pricing techniques, their promotional methods (do they use the etsy forum to promote their artwork? Which other platforms are used in promotion? Do they have a website to promote their work?), their listings (pay attention to how they describe and present their artwork).

The best way to learn to sell your art is to copy from the best. Have a stroll around local art galleries, talk to other successful artists, as questions. Try to find out why some artists are successfully capturing the buyers attention and equally so capturing their confidence.

Learn to sell your art [part II]

Figure out a problem and try to solve it

I know this is a weird way of selling your artwork but bear with me. Rather than just selling your paintings try to solve a need or a problem of your client. This in turns requires a level of customer research. Research your field and try to narrow it down, find a niche so to say. Once you have specified your niche, find out as much as you can about it. Who is your potential buyer? Why and what kind of art are they interested in? Learn to sell your art by focusing on the needs of your clientele. Are they in search of a specific movement? Create it. Do they come from a distinctive class and want to set themselves apart with the help of your work? Create with that need in mind.

Learn to sell your art [part III]

Create a list of personal assets

Ease the buyer’s decision process by comforting him with a list of your personal assets. Go ahead and make this list right away. Write down why your work is a valuable purchase, what is it that sets your artwork apart, don’t forget to list your artwork’s potential as a future investment. This is more or less a hit and miss process, it will take you several tries to learn to sell your art in this way. Pay attention to what buyers respond to best and, based on that, constantly refine your list.

Learn to sell your art [part IV]

Identify possible objections from the buyer and learn to defeat them

In your quest to learn to sell your art it is crucial to understand why your buyer might be resentful to complete the purchase. Once you have identified potential reasons for objections you need to learn how to diminish them. Here are some points to think about:

  • The price is too high -> Offer a discount or a lease
  • Buyer is not fully confident in your work -> Establish some authority, provide a certificate of authenticity, offer a "money back guarantee"
  • The price is too low – The buyer might be looking for a luxury good. Low pricing might neglect the luxury attribute of your painting

There are of course many more potential objections, learn to sell your art by identifying them.

Learn to sell your art [part V]


Make your art-marketing education a constant pursuit. Once you have become successful in selling your art to a specific demographic of buyers, find new ones and try to expand. Always take a step by step approach and never rush it. Learn to sell your art by surrounding yourself with individuals who have sold and are selling their art successfully.

In this article you have learned to sell your artwork by copying the methods of the best, selling by providing a solution for a problem, creating a list of personal assets and identifying possible objections.

Take the next step in your art education and visit this learn to sell your art video resource. A step-by-step manual to art success. Learn how you can market your art more successfully, shocking selling techniques of successful artist, ways to build up a stable clientele, ways to sell your paintings so fast you will awe in amazement. Learn to sell your art by surrounding yourself with the best material available.

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