Hypnosis – The Myth and the Truth About an Ancient Art of Hypnotism

Hypnosis seems to be an ancient art, there are records of hypnotic techniques used in the Egyptian temples, in the Greeks oracles temples, in the Roman Empire also and further on. Used wisely, Hypnosis offers the fastest and most dependable set of tools to help people making positive changes in their lives, in few words it opens doors inside your unconscious to bring back or to places things that you do not normally have access over. More and more therapists and health care professionals are turning to it to fight with success with all human dependencies or healthy known problems.

So as a hypnotic technique – glove anesthesia – can completely numb a part of the body in the case of an accident, hypnosis is known for the ability to control pain, to produce strange things like hallucinations – it can be changed the perception of time, to learn new skills more quickly etc. – or access to memories that you otherwise have not access forward. From businesses to academic institutions people under hypnosis are much better skills for problem solving, like would be the creativity and even staple things can be improved with this art, like smoking or weight control, overcoming fears or phobias, increasing of confidence and even of concentration or memory.

The hypnotic skills are not only fascinating, but indeed are highly practical tools to improving everyone`s life. But as hypnotist you need to understand what you can achieve and who have the limits, how much is possible with it. Of course, hypnosis is not the answer of all the problems, there it will be always limits so as around us in life, in nature, in the entire universe. People`s habit is to exaggerate things that they do not know too much, it was so known myths about hypnotic mind control, or sleep, or memory loss; of getting stuck in hypnosis, or as revealing of a dark secrets… The essential thing is to choose the right master for you.

“Even after 40 years of studying hypnosis, I am impressed with Ledochowski’s contribution to the field.” – dr, Daniel Araoz

(American Board of Professional Hypnosis, Professor of Mental Health Counseling at long Island University Director Emeritus of the Long Island Institute of Ericksonian Hypnosis) – is just an example, what a senior member of the Ericksonian Foundation have had to say about the groundbreaking work of Igor Ledochowski – a well known psychitriacist, just published by Clifford Mee , the author of ” The Power of Conversational Hypnosis “, a generous course which contain:

o 12 CD as MP3’s Main Program

o 4 Bonus CD’s as MP3’s

o 4 Special Conversational Hypnosis blueprints

o The 600+ page manual and complete transcripts

“Choosing the right teacher” – to have access to the mysterious art of hypnosis is it need to learn from the great masters , people with dozens of years of experience behind them, who will reveal the master keys, the tools, the formula suitable for you. When you will hear the first words for a deep trance: “Go ahead, close your eyes and go into hypnosis, deeper and deeper; relaxed into a most state of hypnotic awareness…” to be sure any risk will be avoided, all process will be in safe, for your own psychic and body benefit.

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Source by Doru Badetchi

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