How Much Would It Cost You To Paint Your House?

Whether you are building a new house or you just need a new layer of paint around your house, you of course would be considering a lot of things regarding house painting prices. You might ask if painting it yourself or hiring a house painter to do the job would be better or how much the paint itself would cost. With this, house painting prices is quite a big issue if you are considering painting your house.

Just like everything else, price is always and issue and the one that is the cheapest and has the best quality as much as possible would always be the best option. The only thing is that you can’t have everything; all you can have is just one option. In order to help you decide, here are some guidelines as to what options you should pick or what details you should consider when you are painting your house.

Should I Hire Someone?

This question is commonly asked by busy people and by those who just would not want to paint their houses themselves. If this is the case, take into consideration that this task is done by popular and professional people with house painting businesses, which is it can cost a lot, obviously much more than if you paint your house yourself. But if you have the resources, got nothing to lose then go ahead and hire someone who can effectively do the job for you.

Before anything else, take note that painting your house yourself is not that hard. Depending on the climate and the common weather conditions in your house, you may just paint your house when needed. Most commonly, the exterior paint of a house wears of every 2 to 4 years. To manage this effectively, some people would paint one side of their houses every year, causing the whole house to be painted once in every four years.

How Much Would The Options Cost?

For the paint itself, set aside around $25 to $40 per gallon of paint with good quality. As commonly observed by house painters, a gallon of paint is enough to cover around 400 square feet so in order for you to come up with how much you actually need, split the whole area of the area to be painted by 400 square feet and that is just how much gallons of paint you need. If you paint your house yourself, that is practically just how much you are about to spend.

If you plan on hiring someone, take note that the actual cost of paint would only account for about 15% of the total amount that the house painter will charge you, the labor would account for about 85%. That is how expensive the cost of labor is so if you have the time to paint your house yourself; it is still advised that you do it. The good thing about hiring someone to paint your house is that they work quickly and most of the time, really do their jobs well.

What Other Things To Consider

You should be aware of how much time it would take for the paint to wear off. While it would take 4 years most of the time for exterior paint to start cracking, if the quality of the paint is really good and if weather conditions are not too harsh, sometimes the exterior paint could last up to 8 years. This would save you a lot if you adjust to the situation, considering that house painting prices do not come too cheap.

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