Acrylic Painting Techniques: Learn To Paint With Acrylics

Acrylic painting requires practice and patience. For the beginner artist who wish to learn how to paint with acrylics there are tons of resources on the internet revealing the common acrylic painting techniques and tutorials of different artists. We call them cheat techniques. By learning and applying these methods that master artists use in their own works, it is very possible to learn acrylic painting on your own.

Most of the beginning artists prefer to start with landscape painting. Because it is the easiest way to start to paint with acrylics. After getting some experience and confidence, the next level usually is painting portraits.

Learn Acrylic Painting Techniques From The Masters

Usually artists draw basic elements of their composition on canvas before starting to paint landscapes or portraits. It is not preferable to draw hard lines with much details because of the risk that the drawings can appear even after the painting. This is why it is best to draw very softly for the purposes of the settlement of the elements of the composition correctly.

The grid method can help at this point which is a great way to get a small picture onto a larger area such as a canvas. It is actually a way to break a picture down into a dozen or more smaller more manageable pictures. Griding can be achieved by placing a grid over the photo then drawing grid lines on the canvas and simply copying what you see onto the canvas square by square until you complete the whole picture.

How To Paint With Acrylics Tutorial With Step By Step Instructions

A good acrylic painting lesson is I am painting series lessons and tutorials calleinsd Portrait Painting With Acrylics and Landscape Painting Using Acrylic Paints. Although it may take years to learn by trial and error, with the help of these online available tutorials and lessons, it becomes easy to learn painting. Indeed anyone can learn to paint with acrylics with ease no matter it is portrait or landscape.

Portrait Painting With Acrylics is a 33 page eBook with 1 hour video tutorial. Even people who never sketched before, will find how to cheat their way to creating beautiful portraits. Because the step by step instructions with pictures take you from the first sketch to the finished colored details including shading and highlighting. After taking this course, anyone can learn how to paint beautiful portraits in acrylics easily.

You will get tricks of a professional artist and learn how to cheat his way to paint portraits with acrylics. You will be given the techniques, supplies and other materials that you need. And finally learn with step by step explanations how to start, build and finish your acrylic portrait painting.

Inside Portrait Painting With Acrylics eBook pdf guide you will find information on:

  • supplies you will need
  • preparing the canvas
  • creating skin tones
  • painting all hair colors
  • achieving an accurate drawing on the canvas
  • painting eyes, noses, mouths and ears
  • getting sparkling highlights in the hair and on the skin.
  • proper shadowing techniques
  • what not to draw and paint.
  • painting backgrounds
  • making dramatic final effects on the canvas

As a free bonus, you will get over 1 hour video lesson on how to paint people in acrylic. After watching the step by step instructions in the video tutorial you will be able to create lifelike eyes, mouth, teeth, lips, noses, ears, hair and skin tones.

Landscape Painting Using Acrylic Paint is a 58 page eBook which comes together with another 31 pages free eBook called Watercolor Painting Using Acrylics.  Inside this step by step guide, you will find detailed information on creating beautiful paintings which you can give, sell or display with proud. You will not only learn the techniques to create clouds, reflections, shadows and “life” in painting, but also learn tips for painting the day scenes, night scenes, ocean scenes, sunsets, flowers and meadows, and also tips and techniques for adding buildings, effective shadows and highlights.

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