Japanese Street Fashion- a Blend of Contemporary and Traditional Trends

Fashion is a blend which comes to us again and again after having some changes in the style of people of ancient times. Japanese street fashion has come with flying colors. Youth has welcomed it because it is a blend of traditional and contemporary trends. They are not losing their traditional trend which is directly related with their culture rather they are accepting a new one. Being fashionable does not mean relating yourself with designers’ clothes and accessories, its all about feeling good from within as well as looking good. Fashion enhances your confidence level as well as it shows that you are up-dated.

Japanese street fashion has different style and trends. Youth like to be up-dated according to the era in their dressing patterns and make-up. Bright colours, eccentric patterns, hand-made garments, heavy jewellery, mixing and matching jeans and tank tops with traditional wear like kimonos, are in fashion now a days. Youth of Japan can be seen wearing Lolita, Kogal, Cosplay, Ganguro styles on streets showing the changes they are adopting as globalization is making all the trends mixed up.

All these styles have different look and different purposes. For instance, Lolita style has many subcultures Punk Lolita, Gothic Lolita etc. both give a different look. With Punk Lolita chains, beads, lace and wristbands are popular accessories along with pink and peach colour prints; whereas Gothic Lolita gives the look of Victorian age having dark colours, black make-up, heavy brooches, and ribbons. Another style is Ganguro in which the art of dressing is similar to North American. It consists of light or dark tanned bodies, bleached or dyed hair, summer dresses and platforms. All this gives a look of western style. As western countries are developed and known as fashionable countries around the world, people try to westernize themselves.

One more style is the Kogal style which is mostly used by the Japanese women to show their various tastes through the wealth they have. Some rich parents also spend on their daughters to adorn them with this extravagant style. They keep latest mobile and other accessories with them. They adorn themselves with big boots, skirts pinned very high, dramatic make-up and the latest in American fashion brands. Cosplay attire also requires a lot of money to be spent and can be seen in amusement parks, nightclubs and many high profile Cosplay parties. These dresses are influenced with Hollywood movies and characters like manga, anime, fantasy movies and video games. All these trends let you be with modern era and you can choose one for yourself also, according to your needs and pocket.

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