A Look at the Distinguished Features of Samurai Artwork

Every artwork has its distinguished features & specialty. There is a strong impact of tradition & culture on the artwork of any particular region. In the samurai artwork, we see the collection of tradition and culture of countries like China, Japan, Vietnam & Korea. Actually, this samurai artwork is the showcase of features of artistic work from the above nations.

Japanese samurai paintings are the important part of samurai artwork. This Japanese painting has several categories of paintings like floral art from Asia, watercolor paintings from Asian region, famous Koi Fish art from Asia. Also some paintings of the samurai artwork are based on philosophy of China. Some paintings are based on Asian birds & the very vibrant and fascinating Chinese dragon is the main theme of some samurai paintings.

The Japanese painting like Asian Florer Art is a collection of wall scrolls & paintings which are related to the paintings of birds and animals.

The first type of wall scroll consists of plums which are yellow in color. The online selling price of this wall scrollis 50 dollars approximately as compare to gallery price i.e.100 dollars.

In the samurai artwork, some wall scrolls has title which is in Chinese language. These wall scrolls shows the commencement of season like Spring through this wall scroll painting. The online selling price of this wall scroll painting is approximately 40 dollars as compare to gallery price.

The next wall scroll is available in very thin & wall scroll format. It is available with a bamboo wall scroll. So if you have a very narrow spot for hanging any artwork on your wall, then this category of samurai artwork really decorate your house wall. As mentioned above, the online price is very reasonable i.e. 40 dollars. Also there is change in price according to the country.

In the samurai artwork, as far as Japnese paintings and wall scrolls are concerned, mostly paintings are based on birds & nature scenery. we can see some painting which features two egrets in the midst of the flowers of lotus. Also in some painting, there is a presentation of group of peaches as they become ripe. By this painting there is a wishing of happy and long life. The paintings in the samurai artwork also has cheap online prices as compare to gallery prices of that paintings.

The first collections in this artwork is Japanese painting samurai. It includes some special paintings & wall scrolls which is based on asian floral art The main aim of this samurai artwork is to bring a taste of culture from asia & also brings a showcase of arts from artists & people of china. This artwork is a combination of tradition of china & japan. we can see the amazing Watercolor paintings from this Samurai artwork.

The next category in this Japanese painting samurai is the calligraphy character scrolls from asia. This samurai paintings is a great example of hand painted art.

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