Begin Art – Its Never Late To Start With Art!

As we all know no one is born a talented artist. Even many of the famous artists have acquired their skills with the brush and perfected it for so many years to reach the peak of success. If anyone gets inspired to create a beautiful painting on a white canvas, it means it’s an addictive hobby, and then suddenly that inspiration starts getting converted into shape, figure, emotion, expression in numerous colors.

To know more about art one needs to understand ART first. What is art? In simple words art is the use of skill and imagination for the works of art. Art can be a basic form of communication. Just as a dancer sways to a rhythm or beat, an artist picks his brush to color an unfruitful white canvas to make it fruitful.

We all know that we have a budding artist within us. We never try to explore it; we hide our skills, never give chance to give it a platform. Art is really so simple that it does not require any specific qualification, any fixed age or any privilege skill to start with.

All what we need is the time and our own ability to nurture it. One can start learning art at any time. Art can be a good exercise to relax our selves. Art is the way from which we expressed our feelings, ideas, skills, imaginations, and concepts on a peace of canvas.

Art have so many forms like drawing, sketching, painting, scribbling etc. Many talented people take their art form to another aspect and create unique paintings.

  • Now learning about Art is extremely easy. Slowly developed it as a hobby, art can easily become a profession.
  • By reading this you may arise with a question??

    Question is …….

    Can Anyone Become An Artist?

    Yes, according to me anyone can become an artist. What we need is the proper medium which can help us to create works of art, the right use of pencil, pastels, watercolors, charcoals, oil paints and acrylics. Select the subject, any subject that give pleasure to your eye is just right for your painting. It could be a nature, scenery, photograph, animal, any other painting, just about anything, which pleases your creativity in first attempt.

    This is your chance to explore yourself, make a space in the world of art, and bring out your true spirits for art.

    How to start with?

  • 1. You can join any art classes, any short term courses in university near by you or join any painting workshop.
  • 2. Chose a subject that inspires you to create a beautiful painting.
  • 3. Don’t get disappointed even if you are not able to do the painting as per the subject, but try to make it.
  • 4. See the subject from all the angles, Just don’t sketch out everything that has to be painted.
  • 5. For the first attempt you may feel little bit bore, but slowly you will get into it and you will gain interest.
  • 6. while drawing keep your mind open, will help to learn so many new things
  • 7. In painting you can use your imaginative colors. For example grass is green but it could be red or yellow too. Sky is blue but it could be orange, Grey, or any other color.
  • 8. Painting will give you the excitement but it is not always possible that you will complete the work within a day.
  • 9. May be you would jump on another subject, simultaneously in the meanwhile.
  • 10. Keep good focused on the painting, anytime you may feel that your interest is fading at that moment leave it for sometime.
  • 11. As such there is no deadline to finish a painting. It is not a job which should get completed in between nine to five.
  • 12. Use eyes and hands to draw. Do not go by the mental image that forms in the mind. You will never get it exactly the finish.
  • 13. Try to be keep teacher around you to help in areas where you are likely to be stuck.
  • 14. It is not necessary that everything will go right at the first time. Sometimes you may waste time and some art material but then you will learn more and generate more good art pieces.
  • 15. Painting is always learn through trail and error
  • 16. So don’t give up yet if it has not worked out. There is always a new subject to work on.
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