The Beauty of Frangipani Tattoos – Take a Closer Look

Tattoos are known to symbolize a particular belief, tradition, or culture that a person holds valuable. In the case of Frangipani Tattoos, this custom in the art of tattooing lives on because of the rich symbolism from this particular flower. Women are mostly attracted to this kind of tattoo, although men can also find this tattoo to be appealing once they find out what this flower means. With this, here are some of the things that you might want to know:

Frangipani is the common name of a tropical flower that belongs to the genus Plumeria. The most common colors of this flower are pink and yellow, with hints of white in some parts for other varieties. In using this flower as a tattoo, many artists find it relatively easy to construct, but quite challenging to get the most realistic interpretation of its color. And so, it has become a favorite of many in this particular art form.

Sometimes, the Frangipani Tattoos are deemed to give a positive inspiration to its wearer because of the meaning it has related to safety. In other traditions, the flower signifies a means of “shelter” that portrays security for a person, and that nothing can ever harm him. This kind of belief is shared by many who took a fancy of this flower, and considering that it is very pleasing to the eye, it has become a famous tattoo symbol to use.

On the other hand, some people believe that a Frangipani is an insignia that means strength, and sometimes it is taken to mean that a person wearing this kind of tattoo is somewhat “dangerous”, as the flower itself technically contains a milky sap that can be poisonous. Sometimes, the trait of being “deceitful” is also attributed to this flower, as its pollination is done by insects that are “deceived” by going from one flower to another in search for nectar, but the truth is that the flowers actually have no nectar in it.

Aside from the sense of protection, other cultures believe that each petal of this flower symbolizes a particular ideal. The values that these petals or known to stand for are faith, ambition, veneration, sincerity, and submission. This way, many people who want to get Frangipani Tattoos feel connected to its symbolic traits and as such feel the uniqueness of each design.

This flower is known to emit a wonderful scent which makes it very attractive. Aside from this, the appearance of the flower is also such a beautiful sight to witness. In many tattoos, the Frangipani come in various colors that depict the preference of its wearer and at the same time fit the mood and perspective of the person who gets it as a design to be inked on the skin.

If you are considering using this symbol in a tattoo, you can accentuate it with leaves and vines that can make a very pleasing effect. Some artists also prefer to apply other concepts in tattooing like adding tribal details to make it more striking.

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