Bat Symbolism and Meaning

Bats are among the most misunderstood animals. Many stories, movies and myths described them as dangerous and harmful creatures that can suck people’s blood and transform themselves as Dracula. Because of this, bats began to have a bad reputation. Although feared by some people, bats are beneficial to the humans and environment.

The Native American recognized the bat as an animal that is highly sensitive to its surrounding and therefore consider this animal as a symbol of intuition, dreaming and vision. When special energy was needed, the spirit of the bat would often be invoked, like the “night-sight” which what they called the ability to see through illusion. To the Native Americans, it is also the symbol of communication because they observed the bats to be a highly social creature. People believe that if you have a bat as your totem, you will be extremely aware of your surroundings and sometimes can be overly sensitive to the feeling of others.

In China, bats represent good luck, prosperity and bring happiness or peace. In Japan, bats symbolize chaos, unrest and unhappiness. Scottish people believed that when flying bats rise and descend, they does so by a witch’s house. It was also believed by Finnish people that when one is asleep, the soul will take the shape of a bat. Early Christians believed that the devil transformed into a bat in order to harass people. An Australian tribe also believes that killing bats will shorten your life. Some people even believe that carrying the right eye of a bat will make them become invisible.

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Source by Susan Wong

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