The Three Primary Styles of Hydraulic Hose Ends

Hydraulic hose fittings fall into 3 major categories. The first type is the Parker 43/71 or Parker 78 series hose end. These Hannafin style hose fittings are generally styles in a bite to the wire fashion for a robust crimp to the hose. Parker 43/71 styles are commonly used around the world and are supplied by Parker directly, along with a few other vendors in North America, Asia, and Europe. These hydraulic fittings can come in either a carbon steel or stainless steel format. Other quality manufacturers have been quick to utilize Parker’s dimensions after their dimensional patents expired. Now, these vendors make hose ends that are at least equivalent to Parker. In some cases, the vendors hold true to the original design, but use more material in the production of the hose end, making it more robust and less prone to failure.

A second major hose type is based upon Weatherhead’s “U” series style fitting. These fittings are also very common and are referred to as “U” or “V” style fittings. They use less material than the Parker variant and have less of a bite crimp onto the hose but are a good lower-cost option, while still providing the performance required by high pressure hydraulic systems. These hose ends are a particular favorite of OEMs who use lower pressure in their systems.

Splitting the difference between the Parker and Weatherhead fittings is the third type of hydraulic hose fitting: the Dayco GW, “W” or “Bite-To-The-Wire” style hose end. These hose ends are similar to Parker in that they provide a deep bite crimp into the rubber hose using steel “fins” inside the ferrule to dig into the rubber hose and “bite” into the steel braid or spiral. The Dayco design has been very popular for customers looking to achieve a lower-cost of component than Parker’s 43/71/78 series but still require a strong bite into the hydraulic hose

Parker, Weatherhead, and Dayco each sell their own crimpers. However Dayco crimpers are unique in that they can crimp any style. Parker crimpers can only crimp Parker hydraulic hose fittings and Weatherhead can only crimp Weatherhead hydraulic hose fittings. Adjustable crimpers are growing in popularity and allow customers to crimp any and all hydraulic hose fittings. The largest American manufacturer of adjustable crimpers is Indiana-based Custom Crimp.

All three major hydraulic hose fitting types are used extensively throughout the world. OEMs will often test all three before making a decision as to which fittings best suits their needs.

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Source by Steve G Wilder

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