How to Clean & Sort Sesame Seeds by Machines

Sesame seeds Sesame seeds are flat, tiny, oval type seeds that have a nutty taste and an almost undetectable crunch. Its scientific name is ‘Sesamum indicum’. Some variants are seen and found in India while some in Africa (mainly Nigeria, Sudan & Ethiopia). These seeds grow in pods and are cultivated from edible seeds. The […]

Data Collection – An Eclectic Approach

We will start with the premise that data collection methods should align with research objectives. No one methodology is the best approach for all research designs. The criterion for deciding on a method should relate directly to the research requirements. Consideration of secondary factors should influence the decision only after the primary objectives are satisfied. […]

Bonsai Tree Meaning

A lot of people wonder about the meaning behind the bonsai tree. Well, let’s start with the meaning of the word itself. Bonsai, first of all, is a Japanese word and could be translated as ‘a tree in a pot’. The art of bonsai growing, however, did not originate in Japan but in China. It […]

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