How to Draw a Woman Without Clothes

Drawing a cloth-less woman has been a favourite subject. Pencil drawing is a basic source. Taking the help of this source, an artist would build a pencil portrait. The final painting could be in water colour, oil colour or acrylic; but the pencil art is basic necessity. While drawing with graphite pencil or charcoal, an artist would consider certain aspects to make his or her artwork aesthetically sound.

Anatomy: While drawing a human figure, the most important factor to be kept in mind is the anatomy. As an artist you should take care about the anatomy of a woman who has a symmetrical physical appearance. Your drawing should look well-grounded and not very imaginative. Keeping careful attention in shading and lining work, you can do it very well.

Those artists who still learn drawing of figures can take a leaf out of the books of great painters. It may happen that while drawing a woman in her natural beauty, especially from the front side, the artist might be allured to make his or her drawing much sensual. He or she would be tempted making it physically attractive. But a real artist would always try maintaining aesthetic balance of beauty and art.

The Posture: After knowing about anatomy, the factor of posture becomes important. While drawing a female figure wearing no clothes, an artist should request the model woman to sit in a specific posture. Posture of the model is very crucial. Every artist would try showing beauty of a female body from front side. It is because that would make the whole drawing more sensual. Though the drawing of curvy parts of body of a lady sitting without cover of clothes would be a sensual depiction, her mood could be shown as settled in modesty. That would make the artwork looking more serious.

In such type of drawings, an experienced artist would carefully show the light falling on her subtle parts of body. It can be done with precise shading work. The shading done for the limbs like hands and shoulders should be extremely adept and accurate. That would create a feel of realistic appearance in the eyes of viewers.

An artist can position the body of a model in more artistic manner. If one leg is put on another, that could make the drawing extra sensual. Such a position of thighs and legs would create a sense of good proportion and feeling of ease. Moreover the viewers would respond to such an artwork with more curiosity.

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