‘Legend of Samarra’ Haunts Iraq Terrorism

‘Legend of Samarra’ Haunts Iraq Terrorism

An old legend tells of a Baghdad merchant who sent his servant to the market. Soon, the servant returned — white and trembling — and said to his master:

“At the market, the Angel of Death jostled me and gave me the Evil Eye. Please lend me your horse so that I may flee to Samarra where Death will not find me.”

The merchant lent the horse but went to the market and saw Death standing there. He asked, “Why did you give my servant the Evil Eye?”

“That was not an Evil Eye,” said Death. “It was a look of surprise, for I have an appointment with him tonight in Samarra!”

* * *

The tale is ancient, perhaps dating to founding of Samarra as the capital of a Persian province in 836AD — sixty years after riots in Baghdad. As another old saying goes: “There’s nothing new under the Sun.”

The Great Mosque built there in 852 – featuring a 160-foot, spiral minaret – has survived numerous wars. Not so fortunate was the golden domed Al-Askareyya Shrine built in 874 as burial sites for two, revered, Shiite Imams.

Sunni Muslims are the majority in Samarra. They and the Shiites don’t like each other very much. It’s an intractable, centuries-old thing.

Thus, things got out of hand a month ago when insurgent, foreign terrorists bombed the Golden Dome. It occurred at the start of the most holy Shiite season.

Iraqi and Iranian Muslims on pilgrimage were beginning to stream in. Ten’s of thousands incensed Shiites – led by Shiite militia of firebrand cleric Mogtada al-Sadr – retaliated.

In the sectarian bloodshed that followed, more than 800 people were killed, and hundreds more injured. Hysterical, liberal American media came unglued. “Civil War!”

Baloney. Civil wars are fought for political differences.

The political differences of Iraqi’s Shiite, Sunni and Kurds were resolved courageously last year in all three provinces by democratic elections, a constitution and a parliamentary governing body.

Shiite Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, Iraq’s most respected cleric, forbade retaliation on Sunni mosques and called for calm. The young al-Sadr finally reined in his militia and dampened Shiite ardor.

Both religious leaders understand that Iraq is embroiled in a global, religious schism led by a minority of fanatic Wahhabist Muslims.

Islam is affected everywhere – Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Iran, France, Spain, Denmark, Afghanistan, India, Indochina, Philippines – and don’t forget U.S.A.

Wahhabists terrorists are more intent on killing mainline Muslims than they are Americans and Jews – though the difference is difficult to differentiate.

It is not happenstance that mainline Muslims are the main targets in their market places, mosques and work locations. Defenseless women and children are favorite victims. Wahabbists, you see, are inherent cowards who wear masks and prey on civilians.

* * *

The radical Sheik al-Sadr — leader of the majority Muslins persecuted by Saddam — is playing a dangerous game. He sleeps with Iranian Shiites and rants against Americans forces that freed all Iraqi Muslims from a tyrant and are replacing Iraq’s decrepit public facilities.

With friends like Sadr, who needs enemies?

In this epoch struggle, we and our coalition allies have lost many brave soldiers — and spent billions of dollars — in the cause of freedom and tolerance.

In furtherance of this noble goal, a task force of 800 American and 650 new-Iraqi soldiers launched a major strike against foreign, Wahhabist terrorists in Samarra last Thursday.

Ironically, Iraq’s new parliament was being sworn in as the Samarra assault began. The 275 recently elected representatives had not yet chosen a speaker or cabinet officers. By Arabic custom, the oldest member presided over the historic swearing in of democratically elected – and constitionally guided – leaders.

At this writing, the Samarra assault dubbed “Operation Swarmer” continues. Forty suspected terrorists were captured on the first day and six stashes of improvised explosives destroyed.

Inasmuch as Wahhabist assassins hide behind women’s skirts, innocent Muslims will become “collateral damage.” War is hell. Terrorism is that plus genocide.

Thus, we have to cope with the moral of the Legend of Samarra – you cannot run nor hide from Death.

March 19, 2006

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