Are You Results Or Technique-Oriented? Life Mastery and a Lesson From the Art of the Ninja!

What do you focus on when you are trying to accomplish a goal? Do you focus on the goal and the results that you're trying to achieve, or do you concentrate on the way you go about doing it happen?

These are important questions, especially of you're looking to be able to accomplish your goals in getting the things you want in your life with the least amount of wear-and-tear in the process. This article, while written from the perspective of the ancient ninja warriors of South-central Japan, sheds light on the secret of goal-attainment that, when you understand it and can make it work for you …

… will give you the power, confidence, and control to create the life you've always dreamed of living, and – in the case of my Ninja students – the skills necessary to protect that life from anything that might threaten it!

So, the question remains …

Are you a results-oriented person. Or, are you a technique-oriented person?

Do you understand the difference?

As a means to help you see the difference, here's an example from the art of Ninjutsu.

Imagine a mountain. A very high mountain – not one of these rolling hills that many people in areas with no "real" mountains call as such!

Think Rockies, Himalayas, or Andes. Make it a giant mountain!

Now, being results oriented means that you focus on being on top of that mountain. On the other hand, being technique-oriented means that you concentrate on exactly "how" you'll climb the mountain.

One perspective starts with the end in mind – the other knows that if they do everything right, that they'll get there. "

Two views – same end in mind.

And, while you may choose one over the other, the Ninja sees that both are right and necessary in the grand scheme of things. But, he also understands that …

It's not JUST a mountain!

The ninja is a results-oriented person. However; instead of just going through the mental exercise of visualizing himself atop the mountain without the wherewithal or skill to make it happen – nothing but "pie-in-the-sky" dreaming – the Ninja follows up with the development of a plan which, in and of itself, will determine what skills will be necessary.

The plan begins with seeing the mountain for what it is – a unique object with many "faces." Some areas of it are smooth and almost vertical – others gradually sloping upwards. And, while each my save time, effort, or resources – the ninja also must recognize another factor often overlooked in the typical method of goal-setting used by the masses.

And that factor is – time!

I have students contacting me every day from around the world. And, every day I have students filling my classes to learn how to become a master warrior – a Ninja.

And yet, when I ask them how long they've been training, what they want to get out of the art, or what they need to work on …

… most have only vague ideas or no clue at all!

And, for those students who do have an idea – who have thought about what they're doing and why …

When asked when asked how long they have to achieve the goal or develop the skill, their answer is usually …

… as long as it takes.

Of course it will be … "As long as it takes!"

What I mean is … "how long do you have?" Or, "how long do you want it to take?"

The technique-oriented person can identify the exact skills that need but still take forever to get what they need and have bunch of skill-sets that means nothing when related to one another.

The results-oriented person, on the other hand, knows what they want to achieve and why they want that "thing," but can be clue-less as to how they are going to achieve it or never take any action to get anywhere!

The answer lies not in either extreme, for dreams and goals (results-orientation) without a plan and the action to accomplish it is mere idle-theory and daydream living. And, having a ton of techniques and skills just for the sake of having them is idle wheel-spinning with no direction other than to "have skills."

The ninja warrior-wizard understands the secret that lies in the potential between both realms – that you must have the clarity and purpose born of knowing where you want to be and why, and the skills necessary to accomplish that aim …

… not just in the most efficient way possible, with the least amount of wear-and-tear on yourself. But also …

… in the quickest way possible so as to begin enjoying the benefits of your accomplishment!

In the words of one of my meditation teachers …

"Stop spending your life as a human 'doing.' And start living it as a human 'being.' "

Get where you want to be, and live the life that will allow you to do what you want to do.

Because, anything less is a waste!

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Source by Jeffrey Miller

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