How to Use "Brute Force" Tactics to Make Any Girl Love You – "Confusion & Fractionation"

If you have ever been rejected by a girl, you will know how painful it is. Come on, guys – fess up – have you ever met a woman who simply just wants to make your life difficult no matter how hard you chase her? If you ever get caught in a situation where you are rendered powerless against the girl – it will be extra hard for you to make her like you in return. But take heart – if you are at your wits end on trying to get her to like you but cannot seem to win her over – it’s time for some no-nonsense, “brute force” tactics that will compel her to get attracted to you. Read on on discover these tricks and get fast results…

2 Brute Force Tactics To Make Any Girl Fall For You

Tactic Number One – “Confusion”. This is the dirty little secret of the seduction community – getting a girl confused is a surefire way to make her lower her barriers to you. If she is too busy figuring our your intentions and trying to ‘read between the lines’ of what you say, she will not be able to consciously reject your advances. How do you do this then? Simple – send out ‘mixed signals’ and make her wonder if you truly like her, or is only playing her.

(Advanced) Tactic Number Two – “Fractionation”. Stolen from the field of hypnosis, this technique involves bringing the woman through a ‘cycle’ of emotions, and associating her happy feelings with you. It is said to be able to make a woman want to sleep with a man in as little as 14 minutes. Deadly powerful stuff.

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