Sacred Tattoos – Personal Portals to Genetic Rewiring

Tattoo aficionados, curiosity seekers, and skeptics wanting to receive progressive insights that can positively transform their lives and shift perspectives about the world of sacred tattoo art, need a doorway to that deeper understanding. We take a relevant journey through uncharted waters in revealing insights that take Dr. Masaru Emoto's concept of molecular restructuring of water in response to vibrational stimuli, to a whole new level in how the human body temple, mostly made of water, responds the same with intent sacred tattoos. This realization supports the rising needs of those seeking empowerment in these shifting times and people who want to integrate more spirituality into their lives, in a person authentic and meaningful way, through sacred body art.

The more I experience the effects of what I find to be life-changing information, the more I feel driven to share those discoveries with others. This is what took place after over 13 years and 100 plus hours of tattoo work, leading me to share what I found to be substantially empowering and healing. The more I saw the valuable gifts as integrated pieces to the bigger picture support of the new collective gifts, it became clear there was something powerful being revealed that others could also benefit very from. Personally learning how sacred tattoos were potent transformational tools made me realize the significance of what this information held and it was something that felt like a disservice to keep to myself.

Aiding a new paradigm of experience that mirrors the New Earth energy, we are able to take tattooing – something seemingly simple, yet vastly rich in ancient history, but misinterpreted through enculturation, and exposes a plethora of provocative insights blended with practicality in eye-opening ways. People are learning how the vehicle of symbolic, intentive tattoos can alter a person's total life experience – a concept that Dr. Masaru Emoto's finds in "The Hidden Messages in Water" unveiled, but now through sacred tattoos is being expounded on with a unique perspective of the body as a portal.

It's the same process that he discusses – that of altering our and others' genetic / DNA code with symbolically potent symbols and images that have high vibrational intents. As we are mostly made of water and water has been proven to shift its molecular structure in mirroring response to positive thoughts, feelings and images, so then our body responds the same way with sacred, intentive tattoo images, specifically and energetically chosen, created , and placed.

A recent survey has revealed that 1/3 of people getting tattoos choose designs reflecting their spiritual or religious beliefs and first timers are especially prone to this type on first go around. I'm seeing it more and more all around me. The more energy is shifting collectively, the more people shift awareness to more conscious and intent ways, drawing them to want to bring more of their spirituality and beliefs into prominence manifestation in their lives in ways that are meaningful to them – a way of mirroring the energy and aligning with the new choices and life experiences that they are having because of their joyful awareness.

Sacred tattoos can act as tangible means to access portals of experience at great energetic depth, helping you to embrace intent, can allow you to use your body's canvas as an artistic portal to help open, heal, support, strengthen, empower, and create greater flow to anything you intend – functioning in therapeutic, talismanic, and spiritual ways, to name a few. And this effect can both be experienced by the viewer and wearer, helping to energetically transform on deeper levels of consciousness.

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words and images are universal in how they are received. It's the same as if you view a painting or see a photo and it moves you to feel something, or stirs something inside, or speaks to you in a way you can not verbalize, but you just feel changed by it at a very deep , core level. Take that experience blended with potent intentand energy, ancient symbols and powerful universal images, along with a person intuited and lovingly woven design matching your vibrational desires, and you instantly increase the impactful, individual experience of what is being viewed or worn as your purposeful, sacred tattoo.

It's a way that you embrace an energetic intention that alters your personal experience and helps align you with the energy of the now. Again, just like Dr. Emoto's finds with water shared how when you say and feel negative, low-vibrational, conditional and judgmental things saying saying and feeling positive, high-vibrational, unconventional and nonjudgmental things, this has a direct result on the molecular structure of the water it is applied to, either producing gorgeous crystalline snowflake forms or discombobulated, frenzied structures.

The same takes place with your human body temple, composed of mostly water, when you place intent, symbolic, high vibe, potently meaningful images and symbols on your skin. Your DNA structure changes to integrate and reflect the energy of it. If what you are considering is not something you want to portray, emanate, physically manifest, or experience in your life directly or indirectly, then you may want to reconsider, as it will alter things molecularly and energetically, drawing in and mirroring the direct result in your life. So it is vital to choose with conscious awareness what you decide to place on your skin, likely for the extent of this walk of life, as what you seed will blossom a mirroring birth into your life experience. You deserve your whole-hearted presence in the decisions that form your life personally and collectively.

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Source by Tania Marie

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