What Is Mixed Martial (MMA) Arts and Its Influence for Martial Art World?

In 1995, president of Battlecade, Rick Blume coined this term of Mix Martial arts. It is a combat sport and consists of techniques and skills from different martial art and non-martial art sports. This amalgam makes MMA very special. It consists of grappling as well as striking techniques.

Pankration was a mixed form of martial arts consisting of striking as well as grappling techniques and this sport was a part of ancient Olympics. The strategies of Pankration are very much similar to those of the modern form of MMA. In 1899 a MMA combat was held in London in which European and Asian fighting styles were combined together. It was known as Bartistu.

In the United States, first MMA championship was held in 1993 and according to some experts it has evolved more since then as compared to the past 700 years of its history. It is becoming popular day by day mostly because of the fact that it doesn’t merely consist of techniques and skills from one type of combat sport. Amalgamation of grappling with striking techniques makes it a very important form of combat sports.

There are many positive aspects of mixed martial art. Its pay per views are popular and are showed to general audience. In this way people get to know about martial art. There is an increase in audience of this sport, hence making it popular day by day. With the increasing popularity of MMAs, it is being developed and evolved on scientific basis.

Martial art training methods are now being based on scientific and modern techniques. Everyone usually accepts and like a sport with scientific explanation. So, scientific approach can be very helpful for us in various ways. It can help us in getting rid of the traditional exercises which are not of much use and have no scientific explanation. Useless exercises are of no good and can even harm the body.

There are certain negative aspects of increasing popularity of MMA too. First of all, it makes people think that all the styles of martial art are violent and have no other use. Moreover, increasing popularity of mixed martial art will bring drugs into this sport too. These drugs have negative effects on human body and spirit of the sport usually dies by using them.

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Source by Markku Parviainen

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