Reducing Tattoo Pain – 6 Basic Yet Overlooked Steps You Have To Follow

Since art is a form of expression, it is not only limited to digital arts, paintings, music and many others but it can also be marked on the skin. Tattoo, the most common form of body art is not all glitz and self expression but it also entails pain. However, many enthusiasts and even tattoo artists admits that pain can be addictive that’s why they keep going back to the tattoo parlor.

When getting yourself a tattoo, you should prepare yourself for the pain it causes. Some would think that it is like an insect bite or a burning pain depending on the person’s pain threshold. But in areas where there is less flesh like the ankles, neck or wrist, the pain is more intense as compared to getting tattoo on the usual site.

Since getting it is quite painful, you have to ready yourself first before undergoing the procedure. Getting information and preparing you on what to expect avoids anxiety and nervousness which can cause more pain. Mind setting lessens the pain perceived.

Here’s how to reduce tattoo pain:

1. Avoid drinking alcohol prior the procedure

As a part of the preparation, never get yourself drunk when getting a tattoo. Although in movies and stories they mix getting drunk and inked, it is not a good idea because it can lead to more bleeding which can eventually cause more pain.

2. Have a ready water to drink during the process

Another way on how to reduce pain is to stay hydrated in the whole process. Artists suggest their customers to be hydrated at least 36 hours before the getting inked since dehydration can cause problems and worst, you can faint as it progresses.

3. Do the breathing exercise

Deep steady breathing is always a good practice to avoid pain. Breath in, breath out. Talk to the artist on how he can help you with this.

4. Pause for a break

When the pain becomes too much or you think you can’ handle it, you can always ask the Artist to have a break and pause for a while. This is also suggested since lying, sitting or doing any position can be tiring.

5. Divert your attention

Also, try to talk to your friend or watch a TV show or listen to good music or even talk to the artist to divert your attention and forget about the needle pinching into your skin.

6. Take pain reliever

Finally, when the procedure is done, it is suggested to get pain medication like NSAIDs or mefenamic acid from the drugstore. These are over-the-counter drugs so no prescription is required.

To effectively reduce tattoo pain, and avoid problems, do not lean on the side where you got a tattoo or even scratch them. It is not suggested to put balm or creams on the area because it can cause irritation that can lead to infection.

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