3rdBorn Clothing

The man behind 3rdBorn; Artist / Designer David Eagles learnt the ropes during a 9 year stint at Quicksilver where he designed clothing for the surf wear behemoth. Now staying in Bali, the Australian draws inspiration from his new home for his clothing designs.

David started putting out tees under the 3rdborn label in the year of 2000 after his departure from Quicksilver. He left the giant as he was displeased at the direction the surf industry had taken and instead decided he would be happier putting out clothing under his own label and vision.

The company takes pride in avoiding the (seemingly standard based on their location) standard sweat shop manufacturing route and boast on their website "3rdborn's product are not manufactured in crazy sweat factories, everything is made by us or our friends, we personally know everyone involved and we have worked with the same crew for years. Everyone has a name and a smile. "

As well as clothing, the 3rdborn designer has recently been commissioned to create a 40m piece of banner art work to hide renovations in Kudeta, Bali; an upmarket, sunset, party location in Indonesia. For this piece, he used photos of palm trees, fish and ponds all taken locally and created an abstract landscape with enlarged trees and kio fish.

The clothing designs have a vintage American / Japanese feel and are made from high quality materials so you know they will last a long time. With Davids credentials, you would expect 3rdBorn clothing to cost an arm and a leg, but you would be pleasantly surprised to find that their price point is similar and in a lot of cases lower than the major brands.

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Source by Rodney Munch

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