The Ascended Masters and Their Aura Colors

An Ascended Master is a Being who after many lifetimes of reincarnation has become master of their physical, emotional and mental bodies, they have balanced their karma and no longer need to reincarnate. They have ascended in their vibration beyond physical life Ascended Masters do not look forward to where they are going, but rather […]

The 5 Fundamental Laws of Creativity

Whatever your favorite ways of creating are, there are powerful principles that everyone who's creative (and by that I mean everyone on the face of the planet) can be aware of to help them be as creative as they can possible be. Here then are the 5 Fundamental Laws Of Creativity: 1. Ideas are the […]

Interested In Contemporary Art? Look No Further

We are always getting asked: What is the difference between contemporary art and old masters. In a nutshell, contemporary art is created by artists that are still alive. Old Masters are paintings painted by artists that are deceased. The good news is that if we purchase contemporary art now from well known, talented artists, then […]

All About Tea For One Sets

Drinking tea is truly an art, and this statement is not just a saying but a real fact for those avid tea drinkers always willing to buy the latest tea mixes and tea accessories available on the market. Tea is a beverage traditionally associated to social activities and traditions, just like the afternoon tea in […]

How to Take Care of Your Art Materials

Your art materials are the base for your artwork. So why risk your creativity by neglecting your art supplies? It is easy to take care of your art materials. All you have to do is follow some simple steps mentioned below: Make a Workspace A workspace will enable you to work more effectively on your […]

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