Textile Design – A Case Study of Its Significance to Humanity

Textile design can be defined, to mean the art of making patterns of various types on fabric materials. In a broader view, it as an area of ​​discipline in applied or industrial art had been practiced in different parts of the world at different times. For instance, it was reported practiced in China around 618-906 AD, in Japan around 552-794 AD. It was also recorded by historians that, it was practiced for centuries in South- East Asia, Indonesia, India, Peru and parts of Africa especially Nigeria to be specific. Additionally, it is an embodiment of professional disciplines that are open to different areas of specialization. For example, under it, are the following disciplines, viz; Tie- Dye, Batik, Print and Print making, Weaving and Embroidery.

Textile design has its own usefulness and purpose in mankind, and such usefulness cannot be underestimated in human daily endeavors. To start with, it can be used as a means of utility, that is, it can serve different purposes at a time. For example, it can be worn as cloth, can be used to make handbags, can be used as window blind or curtain for home and office, as table cover, as handkerchief and so on.

Textile design as an area of ​​specialization can serve as a means of employment and source of income to individuals. This implies that, an artist or a designer can explore new motifs, techniques or styles in textile design and by so doing, make himself or herself self employed without depending on government or family member (s) for sustenance. This, on the other hand, tends to reduce, to some extent, the unemployment rate of a particular society. It is also very significant in our daily endeavors in the area of ​​aesthetics.

Aesthetics is defined according to oxford advance learner dictionary as anything concerned with beauty and art, and the understanding of beautiful things. Based on this fact highlighted above, it can therefore be used as both interior and exterior decoration in public and private buildings like hotels, churches, mosque, banks, offices, to mention but just a few. The products of textile designs used for both interior and exterior decoration are usually made into various sizes, with beautiful patterns, framed and hung on the walls of the buildings.

Another vital area where it can play an important role in the daily endeavors of humans is in the area of ​​being an agent or a means to communicate, address and as well, promote cultural values ​​of a particular society. It shall be recalled at this instance that, dressing is one of the main tenets of culture. Fabric materials, to be worn as cloth, can be designed by an artist to portray some historical antecedents of a society so as to showcase such cultural values ​​to the outside world. This can be achieved, through the use of stories and motifs, that are common or identified with such societies, as designs on textile materials. Citing an instance, common folktales of different versions of a society can be made on fabrics, anyone that comes across such works / cloths will be reminded or be acquainted with the cultural values ​​of such society. Similarly, foreigners and those that are not very familiar with the cultural values ​​of the communities involved, can use the works / fabrics as reference points or souvenirs for better understanding of the cultural heritage of the communities concerned.

Economic significance is yet another area, through which the exploration of textile design can be of paramount importance to human daily endeavor. This can be explained through the boost, the sales of textile design products will give to the economy of a nation. This means that, buying and selling of the products and the patronage given to them cannot only make individuals involved to be self- reliant, but also add to the gross domestic products of a nation. It should be emphasized that, on any products sold or bought, the personalities involved in the transactions has directly and indirectly paid some amount of money as tax while buying the products. The tax goes into the purse of the government, this therefore generates some money into the purse of the government, thus, adding a quota to the national development of the nation.

Conclusively, all the points discussed in this essay are just part of a whole of the usefulness of textile design to our daily endeavors as humans.

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Source by Hassan Bamisile

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