Take Control: Master The Art Of Self-Discipline And Change Your Life Forever by Michael A Janke

I happened to find a used copy of “Take Control: Master The Art Of Self-Discipline And Change Your Life Forever” by former SEAL Michael A. Janke, and I’m very glad I did. Obviously, I enjoy books that relate military, martial art, and warrior themes into business and everyday life, because that is the same kind of teaching and writing I do. The skills Janke teaches in “Take Control” are key elements to succeeding in any endeavor, and if you act upon the lessons and suggestions in this book, you will undoubtedly improve your life and experience better health, and more success, all based on being more self-disciplined. It really is a positive and motivating book, and I enjoyed reading it and used it as I made some of my 2011 goals, and will look back at it during some of my planning sessions.

The first chapter focuses on the power of control, and how each of us can use the techniques in this book to develop the discipline and control to improve the various areas of our lives. I really like how Janke motivates and describes how you can improve self-discipline and be responsible for the success in our lives. Chapter two deals with goal management, and for those that already set goals, it will be familiar, but for others it may be the spark that starts the fire of goal setting.

The next chapter, three, is on personal management. Things like time discipline, self-control, and character construction. If you implement what is taught in this chapter, you will for sure improve your life. Chapter four deals with the brain and concepts like mental discipline and focus. Again, these are important areas for those who want to succeed.

Chapter five focuses on physical discipline and staying in shape. Chapter six continues with some basics on nutrition. Yes, there are books on these topics, but these chapters have some good basics and I also believe fitness is extremely important, and having the discipline to stay in shape is important for all areas of life, so I liked the inclusion of these chapters.

Chapter seven is on professional discipline. It provides some good tips for succeeding in the business world, regardless of your profession. Chapter eight is a bit different. It contains 100 secrets of power living. There are 100 ideas with a paragraph each on why they are important and why you should do them. Things like “Develop Yourself One Hour A Day,” Breath in Life,” and “Control Desire.” These 100 ideas are great to stimulate thinking of how to make your life better. The more you incorporate into your life, the better your life will be.

The book concludes with an Appendix of quotes organized by subjects such as Achievement, Determination, Perseverance, and many more. If you like quotes, this is a nice little bonus. I enjoyed reading through them. Appendix B also includes some recommended reading and other resources. It’s a pretty good list of resources over seventeen pages.

Janke’s “Take Control” is a motivating book on self-discipline. You can find the same information in other sources, but Janke’s take on the topic is direct and enjoyable. Read it and take control of your life and pursue greatness.

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