Paint Letters, Words, and Even Phrases on Your Wall – It's Easy!

Painted words and phrases on interior walls are one of the hottest trends in home décor. Whether it is a quote from a favorite poem or a simple word that says it all, this design trend is here to stay.

The good news is that you do not need to hire an expensive decorative painter to get the job done, nor do you need to wait for weeks for custom-made rub on wall transfers to arrive on your doorstep. This project fits into the do it yourself category, and using the simple instructions below, you can start as soon as … right now!

You will need to pick up a few inexpensive supplies – graphite paper, acrylic craft paint and paint pens, and an artist's paintbrush or two (synthetic fibers are best for using with acrylic paints). Make sure you also have plenty of printer paper handy. This project will be putting your computer to work for you.

First things first, select the word or phrase that you want. If you need some inspiration, search online. Scrapbooking and greeting card sites are both good places to start your search. When selecting a saying, let your personality shine through, while keeping in mind where the word or phrase is being used. For example, the single word "dream" would be appropriate in the bedroom above the headboard, but probably out of place in the guest bath.

Next, using your computer, select a font. There are literally thousands of downloadable fonts available for free online, so have some fun and experiment. Once you have chosen the font, play with the size in order to create a pattern. Most likely the font will need to be sized up considerably, so don't be surprised if you are only able to print one or two letters per page.

After creating the pattern, decide on the placement of the saying. Using a level and pencil (or chalk line), draw horizontal lines both above and below where the saying will be placed. Also, figure out how much spacing you want between each letter and where you want the saying to begin and end on the wall.

Once all positioning issues are resolved, you can transfer the letters to the wall. Using graphite paper under the pattern, trace the outline of the letters on the wall. Continue this process until all letters have been transferred to the wall.

And now, for the final step – painting! Use paint pens to outline the letters, then fill in with acrylic craft paints.

Voila! You now have your very own custom, hand-painted wall phrase.

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