Compositional Technique in Art

I have to say 'Artists are people with a precious gift from God- the ability to imagine'. It is the ability to imagine that a multitude of ideas, form, shapes and creative thinking take place.

However, most beginner artists will agree that it is hard to take what we have imagined in our minds and place them onto our drawing paper. Most newcomers lack the ability to organize the chaotic mind into a system of order so that the final art work is a by product of a systemic thought process.

This though process can be known as composition. Composition is the integration of many different kinds of art techniques and philosophies with one's technique and style in painting. Composition technique is never easy and should be studied in great details for anyone interested in the study of art.

Compositional technique can be easier to master if one ask himself / herself these questions when painting. What is the 'spirit' of the object that you are trying to capture in your painting? What is the most interesting aspect of the object that you will want to focus on?

Yes, the keyword is focus! If there is no focal point, then you will not be able to capture the emotion of the subject and express it on paper in a way that will maximize the impression you will hope to achieve. And always remember that the selection of the color and tone is critical to bring out the mood of the painting. Every decision you made as the artist should have a primary reason behind it. Composition in art is about how you react to a subject and introduce your personal quality through your drawing.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Source by Tan Ruixiang William

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