Wacky and Wild Uses for Zip Ties

These days zip ties and cable ties are giving duct tape a run for its money. Generally known for their primary function of bundling cables and cords, zip ties are a versatile product, increasingly being utilized for a variety of creative purposes. Here’s a top ten list of wild and wacky cable tie applications.

Heart Surgery

Students at Johns Hopkins University came up with the idea of using cable ties to close up a chest after heart surgery. The zip ties are threaded through the rib cage and fastened around the sternum.

Industrial Art

Sculptor Emily Dvorin uses cable ties in her modern art pieces. In some sculptures, the cable ties are the star of the show, fanning out from the center and displaying their glory. In other works, the ties are functional, fastening together various parts of the masterpiece they support.


The wire sides of a crab cage can be connected using, you guessed it, zip ties. They also make good lobster cuffs and are great for organizing tackle and tools.

Emergency Fasteners

Cable ties really come through in a bind. When a zipper or button on busts on a pair of pants, a cable tie can be threaded through the belt loops, holding everything together. When a shoe lace breaks, a cable tie is a quick replacement.

Pet Care

Can’t find the dog’s collar? Try a zip tie. Just be careful not to secure it too tightly. And if the precious pooch has chewed through yet another leash, create a chain of cable ties for an insta-leash.


Too many criminals and not enough handcuffs? Break out some cable ties and secure the conniving thieves until the police car reaches the station.


Whether for theater or Halloween, costumes have their awkward moments. But wardrobe malfunctions can be avoided with an ample supply of cable ties. Pull together the back of a corset or help out a stubborn zipper. Feeling inventive? Join the ranks of the creative few who have mastered the art of constructing entire costumes out of zip ties!


Bright, fluorescent cable ties can help identify a suitcase at baggage claim. This can help avoid all sorts of hassles, from thinking every black bag is yours to accidentally picking up the wrong suitcase.

Event Decorations

Put the construction paper away and get out the cable ties. It’s time to make garland for that holiday or birthday party! Simply link together a bunch of individual zip ties and hang them around the room in a festive manner. Add industrial flair by fashioning a zip tie chandelier or mobile.


Keys are plentiful enough without adding a fancy shmancy keychain to bulk up a pocket or purse. Loop a cable tie through a set of keys and you’re good to go.

Don’t let the cable guy have all the fun. Stock up on cable ties and let your imagination do the zipping.

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