Art Jewellery

Art jewellery has always been admired for its unique aesthetic appeal.

The material for creating such jewelleries vary dramatically. They range from precious metals and gems to acrylic, glass and wood and so on. The artist develops techniques for using these materials to maximise effect.

In many countries the local culture, art and craft is depicted through their jewellery.

Traditional forms are sublimed with contemporary designs, to suit the tastes of modern art lovers. Thewa, jadau and pacchikkam are symbolic of such art forms in India.


Thewa is a traditional art of fusing 23K gold with multicoloured glass. The glass is heated by a special process to have a glittering effect, which in turn highlights the intricate gold work presented in the form of motifs. They depict the day-to-day life, legends, battlefields, nature, royal weddings, and hunting scenes. Each of these pieces are then ornamented with gemstones which add an exotic flavour of creative imagination spreading the fragrance of distinct poetry in each design.


It is a form of embedded art. Usually different semi precious stones, gems, crystals and beads are embedded in gold/silver, by melting it a bit. Once the gold becomes pliable, the stones are set on it with great precision and artistry. On cooling the gems get fixed automatically i.e. without the use of any adhesive or carving.


It is one of the most exemplifying forms of modern art jewellery, depicting style, colour and fine craftsmanship.

The process of making pacchikam is based on an intricate setting of gemstones usually made in a silver casing, because of the metal being highly malleable and closely resembling platinum, a precious metal.

Many contemporary designers are today inspired by this art form and are leading the way for further development in it.

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Source by Shveta Kumar

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