5 Benefits Of Joining A Painting Group

1. Honing your skills

Joining a painting group is a great way to hone your skills. Not only do you get time to hone and develop your skills, you also get to learn from like-minded people. You’re obviously going to learn from the group’s leader, but you can learn from the other members of the group as well. Everyone’s there to learn and to share experiences, hints and tips, so you’re bound to learn lots of new things. Even if the group’s just for beginners, you can still learn things from other people in the group, because beginners ask questions you might not have thought of and they make mistakes you can learn from.

2. Meeting likeminded people

It’s always great when you meet people with similar interests. When you join a painting group, everyone in that group has one thing in common: a love of painting. Whatever your level of experience, you can enjoy getting to know people and their experience with painting. People bond over common interests. Joining a painting group can be a great way not only to meet people in general, but to make new friends.

3. Time to paint

One benefit of joining a painting group people don’t appreciate is that you’re given time to paint. So many people have busy lives and want to paint, but can’t seem to find any time in their schedule. Join a painting group and you’ll be giving yourself a set slot of time dedicated just to painting. During this time, the focus is on painting and nothing else. You can just relax, forget about everything else that’s going on, and concentrate on painting.

4. Gathering opinions

Art is one of those subjects that people always have different opinions on. Join a painting group and you’ve got a group of people who will give you feedback, both positive and negative, on your work. People can offer you advice on your work and you can form your own opinions to offer to others about their work. Receiving a bit of criticism can do wonders for your painting because it can point out what you can do to improve your work. If you don’t join a painting group, you might not get these opinions to take into account and learn from.

5. Establishing your brand

If you’re thinking about becoming a professional painter, joining a painting group can be really beneficial. It can help you build up your artistic identity and establish your brand as an artist and painter. Another thing it can do is help you promote yourself and your paintings. Use people at painting groups to your advantage; get any contacts you can and discuss with others how they plan to establish their own brand. Learn from others and get your own brand ideas across to them. You can use the group not only to establish your brand, but to establish and grow potential customer base.

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Source by Joanne Perkins

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