Sports Logos Clip Art Idea – Is It Worth Taking The Risk?

What exactly is this clipart?

People usually have misconceptions about readymade computer graphics design which are commonly known as clipart. The matter of the fact is that they don’t give in much thought about it once they know it is free of cost.

But they forget one thing that nothing in the world is free!

Everything comes with a price tag and so you have to pay for it. it can be in the form of a money or sometimes business reputation. Sports logos clip art is a very famous phenomenon which is mostly preferred by sports academies for they don’t want to spend their hard won cash on it.

For a graphic designer, this is something which is always available in libraries to be used by multitude of people again and again. The thing which deteriorates a brand mark created through this cheap medium is the logo quality it offers. There are thousands of drawbacks it brings in for a sports academy owner or whoever goes with this option out of which the biggest one is the copyright infringement problem.

These pre fabricated logo templates are very favorable for the people who don’t care about how it looks, rather the only thing which matters to them is what it is?

Are you using this free medium?

Really, are you planning to use this ubiquitous design concept? Now, let me inform you that it’s the best way to destroy your academy’s image in seconds. The real purpose of getting a corporate identity is inadvertently thrown on the back seat of importance which is not good for a company’s reputation of course. It is just like copying someone else’s work ignoring any legal issues which might come into your way.

You are not the only one who has this library; there are other thousands of people out there who might be using it as well. In other words, you guys are copying each other ideas.

Who exactly owns the right?

Frankly, no one does. It makes sense when thousands of people are using it. What’s more disappointing that you can’t claim it your own when you can see a number of companies using the same picture as of yours blatantly? They can be your arch rivals as well then where will you go?

Apart from this, what will you do if you can’t resize your image for if you want to use it on your business card, brochures, newsletters etc. it won’t work like vector sports logos design trust me!

So using clipart is not such a good idea!

Yes, it isn’t for it has several disadvantages associated with it which can also damage your sports academy’s reputation as well. The only thing which a company should seek is originality and creativity above all the aspects.

Therefore, one should look into every merit and demerit before going for any option whether its a logo maker, contest or a professional graphic design service.

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Source by Jesicca Thompson

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