Men’s Ties For a Perfect Formal Look

Today in the modern world, it has become almost certain that every man has to wear a tie to work in the office. Hence selecting the best tie and knowing the tips & tricks are very much essential. There are a variety of ties available that you can choose from, such as spiral pattern, solid colored ties, stripped ties, club neckties, plaid necktie etc. The most popular among these is the spiral pattern which is used mostly. The pattern will be similar to that of a wool scarf. Your outfit can be made superior easily with the help of this pattern with appropriate colors. Solid colored ties are simple ones that can be used for many places and events and they almost work with most kind of shirts. It is always best to select a plain tie for striped shirt and striped tie for plain shirt.

Stripped ties are the ones which contain stripes that may be horizontal or vertical and it comes in different strip sizes and colors. Choosing a good combination of strip color and size will present you as a handsome man. For instance, black background and red stripes makes a good combination. The club neckties consist of symmetrical designs and logos on a dark background. The pattern indicates the kind of function that you are attending. Next are the plaid neckties. These are nothing but a combination of vertical and horizontal stripes and are usually worn on casual occasions. These are mostly not worn in formal occasions.

Another thing which is equally important as selecting the type is the tie knot. There are a variety tie knots available. Most popular among them are Windsor and half Windsor. Windsor is considered as the father of all knots and can be used with any type of tie. Most of the professionals prefer this one and it can be worn on any functions or occasions. Half Windsor is also as popular as the previous one and has the same professional presence. It can be better used on light colored shirts. In addition to the knowledge of ties type and knot type, some other factors like shape of your face, the color of your skin have to be considered. Always try to find a best combination with the help of above mentioned factors. There is a well known popular proverb “Clothes make the man”. But ties are the ones which enhance your dress and make you stylish. So be clever in deciding your ties and you can easily become a stylish handsome man.

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