The Meaning of Elephant Tattoo Designs Will Surprise You

Animal tattoos are very popular nowadays since they portray characteristics that most people are fond of. Although favorite animal tattoos are usually about the untamed jungle cats – lion, tiger – elephants are steadily claiming the attention of tattoo enthusiasts. Elephants are strong animals that are respected by ancient cultures of India and Africa. Their […]

When Managers Become Hamlets

This alludes to the famous play “Hamlet” by Shakespeare. Hamlet was a character who was highly indecisive about what he wanted to do and always mulled over things while taking a decision and many a times avoided or delayed taking decisions. This could mean disaster if applied in case of a working manager as he […]

Paintings of Modern Art – "The Scream"

If any single painting exemplified the concepts of modernism, and how the philosophy influenced art, it's "The Scream" by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. The painting, which depicts an agonized figure against a blood red sky. There are those that say that the painting depicts the hopelessness inherent in modernism. Others call "The Scream" a symbol […]

Top 10 Films About Contemporary Art

Visiting art galleries and reading art magazines and books is great. But sometimes you just want to lie on your sofa with a cup of tea and relax watching a good movie. Now that it’s winter, you might feel this desire more often. A movie can be an art form and when it is a […]

Why Taekwondo Is So Popular

First, let me set the scene. I am not a Taekwondo Master. Nor even a Black Belt. In fact, I don't have a belt at all. Indeed, I have never had a Taekwondo belt. So why, you are entitled to ask, am I writing an article about Taekwondo? The reason is simple. In my day […]

Her Most Famous Painting (Oriental Poppies) – Georgia O’Keeffe

The American painter Georgia O’Keeffe (November 1887-March 1986) was a pioneering ‘Modernist.’ Her unique approach defied all the accepted norms of painting and gave a new definition to the ‘American Modern Art.’ Owing to her competence, American Art attained fame and recognition in creatively competent Europe. Flowers fascinated Georgia and they were her favorite subject […]

Why People Are Engaged In Business

The key to success in life and work is having the motivation and energy to get up each and every morning and actually 'do' something that contributes to the achievement of your goals and objectives. This means being fully committed to, and engaged with a role in life, or a job of work. And that's […]

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