Jazz Theory: History of Jazz Harmony

Harmony and Jazz Theory Music scholars view jazz as a style of Western Art Music (read classical music–classical, however, is really the style of a given a period). All jazz harmony comes from that tradition, while the rhythms come from Africa. The vast bulk of the jazz repertoire employs European harmonic progressions and forms. What […]

Treating ALS With Orthomolecular Medicine

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gherig’s Disease is a degenerative disease where neurons die early due to a problem with the autoimmune system. Your immune system attacks its organs and nervous system. The muscles degenerate and the body may begin wasting. This occurs because ALS destroys the motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord. […]

The History of Snazaroo Paint

From its humble beginnings in 1989, Snazaroo has grown in leaps and bounds. Snazaroo began by catering to shops that lend fancy dresses for a fee. Now it has become the leading brand in face and body paint. Its factory based in the UK produces and supplies face and body paint, as well as hundreds […]

Western Vs Eastern Martial Arts

I would like to give my opinion on the subject of Western (European, North American) and Eastern (Asian, Pacific) martial arts. First of all I do not need to think that either is better than the other in general. The eastern practitioners often codified their martial arts and that were better able to hand them […]

Cherry Blossom Tattoos – What Do They Mean

Cherry blossom tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo designs for women currently. The beauty and delicate nature of a cherry blossom can not be denied. In both Japanese and Chinese cultures the cherry blossom is full of symbolic meaning and significance. Before deciding to get a cherry blossom tattoo design it makes sense […]

Fabric Painting – A Unique Form of Painting

Fabric painting is a unique form of painting that finds vibrant expression on the fabrics. Painting on fabrics has now become a popular homemade handcraft and is practiced by many whether as a hobby or as a part of livelihood. With simple techniques and procedures alluring paintings can be carved out in an affordable cost. […]

History of Croton Watch

Introduction: Watch is not only used for time but since a long time it is also used as a fashionable item. The variety of look and design were used to modify and make the watch attractive. Various jewelry items such as silver, gold, diamond and platinum were incorporated in various proportions by the manufacturers to […]

Ceramic Birdhouses

Truly functional works of art, ceramic bird houses available today offer a touch of elegance and charm to any bird lover's outdoor oasis or indoor collection. As a highly desired homestead for our favorite avian friends, the jury is still out! Many people question whether ceramic bird houses are a good choice because they might […]

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