Famous Explorers Mentioned In Popular Songs

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Immigration continues to be one of the hot political topics of the year, in spite of the irony of the country foundation. The very men who forged our Constitution were immigrants, as we all are other than the Native Americans who inhabited the land before the explorers arrived.

The most famous of the immigrants is of course Christopher Columbus, an Italian who stumbled upon the New World while sailing under Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain. He has gained such renown that he has numerous cities named in his honor, as well as his own holiday.

Columbus has also been mentioned in dozens of songs, including Bob Dylan's 115th Dream and Loudon Wainwright's Kings and Queens . British new wave artist Graham Parker, a contemporary of Elvis Costello and the Police, even named an entire album after the explorer, called Goodbye Columbus.

Here are ten other famous explorers who have been referenced in popular songs by well-known artists.

Ponce DeLeon by Hall and Oates

This Spanish voyager appears in Ennui On the Mountain from the duo's debut album.

Cortez the Killer by Neil Young

The man who conquered the Aztecs is the subject of this song from Zuma , a very underrated album from the early seventies.

Doctor Livingstone, I Presume by the Moody Blues

Famously partnering with Henry Clark to examine Africa, this European is the subject of a song from the British band's In Search of the Lost Chord.

Swing Lo Magellan by Dirty Projectors

The first man to sail around the world provides the main character on a track from the alternative group's 2012 album of the same name.

Francis Drake by Sammy Hagar

Sailin 'is the track that alludes to the British explorer, and the album Lite Roast is the veteran rocker's seventeenth effort.

Lewis and Clark by CW McCall

Two of the first guys to explore the Mississippi region have the same last names as the two men the Convoy singer writes about in this tune.

Henry Hudson by Nico

Dream of Exile makes an appropriate title for an album that mentions an explorer, who serves as the title for this song.

De Soto De Son by Animal Collective

Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto is the reference to the title for this track from Campfire Songs .

Sir Walter Raleigh by The Beatles

"I'm So Tired" groans John Lennon on this classic from the White Album , after which he curses the title character for having discovered tobacco.

Marco Polo by Bow Wow

The most famous Asian explorer serves as the title to a song by the eighties Japanese rock band, who on this song are talking more about the game than the man.

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Your Painting Business – How to Estimate a Painting Job Using an Excel Spreadsheet

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The first thing I do when I estimate a painting job is to get a feel for the customer's motivation for their paint job. Are they looking to sell? Are they fixing the home up for a special event, like wedding or birthday? Or is it just overdue and really needs a paint job?

The next thing I do after I have digested their reason for painting their home, is to look at the job and IMAGINE doing the job. Go through the job in your mind. Making notes about the job, things that may affect the time spent working. It could be anything like we can't use a ladder to paint the family room ceiling because the room is too large and we have to cut in the lights, or there is a lot of spackling to do like cracks and nail pops. Try to get a "feel for the job". Will it take longer than usual, or will it go faster than normal? Is the area cluttered? Will you be able to move fast or slow? Is there going to be a lot of traffic? Are there kids or pets? I do all this before I measure.

From here, I start my measuring and counting, better known in construction as doing a "take off". I use a measuring wheel. I never use a tape measure any more. Tapes are too slow and usually only measure up to thirty-five feet. The measuring wheel can measure to one thousand feet and it costs the same as a big tape measure. Measuring wheels are usually made by the same companies that make tape measure, like Lufkin or Stanley, and they don't break as often as tape measures. Once you use a measuring wheel, you probably won't go back to a tape measure. I used to use the infra-red measuring device but I find them way too inaccurate.

Usually, I measure before I start counting things like windows. Once I begin to count windows and molding, I make note of anything that will add or take away time, which means adding to the cost or lessening the cost. When I count windows, I make three columns, one for windows that are located below eight feet, one column for windows below fifteen feet, and one for windows twenty feet and above. This also applies to molding or anything else heights above eight feet, like dormers, ceiling medallions or whatever.

I never guestimate a job. After measuring and counting I take my numbers and go to my office and prepare my estimate. If you do a search in Ezines, you will find other articles by me describing how I use the Excel Spread Sheet to total up and multiply high time factors to those elements of the job that are over eight foot high. Why? It takes you a lot more time to paint a window at twenty feet that it does at eight feet of height. After I total everything using the formulas built into the spreadsheet, I go to my estimating software and prepare the estimate. I itemize everything, I never do an estimate that says $ 2000 (or whatever amount it is), for painting the interior. I itemize everything, and it's easier because that is how I count things. Also, because if I count 16 shutters and when I am painting them I count 20, I tell the customer that I only charged for 16, and they can see it in black and white, so they have to pay extra for the extra shutters, this way I don't get cheated. Anyway the subject of itemizing your estimate is a whole new article.

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Can Being Overweight Cause Premature Ejaculation?

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Can being overweight cause premature ejaculation? In this article, I’ll explain how the complications of being overweight can lead to premature ejaculation and also advise how you can fix this problem for yourself.

Being overweight will not directly cause premature ejaculation but can contribute to it in other ways.

An overweight person can have many health problems that are directly related to having to carry around excess stores of fat and due to the pressure of this fat on internal organs, as well as other complications. Actually carrying excess weight does not cause premature ejaculation but being overweight does bring with it other problems which can then lead to premature ejaculation.

Vascular System

Your body carries mile after mile of a huge network of blood vessels. If you are overweight then it is likely that your blood vessels are not in optimum shape. In many men, this leads to erectile dysfunction.

In some men, there may be a connection between erectile dysfunction and PE. If you improve your health and lose weight in the long term then you can make sure that you never get erectile dysfunction.

Body Image

Being overweight often leads to unhappiness about one’s own body image. The appearance of a smaller penis due to abdominal fat can affect a guy’s confidence when he is naked with a sexual partner. When surveying the entire body, it is easy for a guy to feel unattractive to his partner.

Progression To Bedroom Anxiety

This leads to anxiety which is the root cause of premature ejaculation. If you are not 100% confident about yourself and your performance and have even just a tiny seed of doubt then this is enough for it to spiral out of control and into PE.

This happens because of something called the sympathetic nervous system. Anxiety releases stress hormones and a feedback loop is established: basically, the more you worry then the more likely that PE will happen.

How To Cure Your Anxiety

The key to overcoming your anxiety is to try to get rid of it. You can use short term tools like delay condoms to help build your confidence. You can try going for a second or third round if you have the energy – again, this will help build confidence.

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How to Take Good Care of Your Merrell Shoes

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Merrell is a reputed shoe brand worldwide that has been manufacturing and designing shoes since a long time now. The best feature of Merrell shoes is that they blend style with quality and comfort very well, so that you get the best value for your money. Merrell shoes also put in the latest technology in the shoe making process and give you the best and most comfortable pair of shoes that you can ever ask for.

For buying Merrell shoes you can go online and browse through the gallery of Merrell footwear. You can also avail discounts and take advantage of promotional offers given by the shoe retail stores in order to get the best branded shoes at the lowest prices. Merrell shoes are specially crafted for each purpose of use. They are specially made of special micron perforated leather which allows air to pass through the soles of the shoes, thus keeping your feet dry even when you are doing strenuous work. This is done to avoid the accumulation of sweat which will give rise to bacterial activity and foul smell in turn. Another advantage of these soles is that it is very easy to wash and clean them.

To see that your Merrell shoes last long, you must take proper care of them and avoid misuse to increase the longevity and durability of the shoes. In order to take proper care of your Merrell shoes and maintain them well, follow the steps below:

* First you need to brush away the dirt and debris from the surface of your shoes. You can use a tooth-brush for this purpose. This process will ensure that there is no dirt stuck on the surface of your shoes.

* If your shoes are stained with mud or dirt that does not come out by brushing, then you need to wash your shoes using mild soap and warm water. You can use a brush to apply the soap over the areas and brush away the stains. It is recommended that you use an all-purpose shoe cleaner for cleaning your Merrell shoes, which can be used on all types of shoe materials including leather, rubber, vinyl, canvas and more.

* To dry your shoes after they have been washed, just place them in an open place under the sun in the outdoors or under the fan in the indoors. Remove the shoe-laces so that the shoes can dry well.

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Treating Facial Tics and Tourette’s Syndrome With Alternative Medicine

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Tics may be due to nutritional deficiencies, genetic conditions, Tourette syndrome, immune system malfunction, allergies, or stress. Stress and anxiety can increase the frequency of facial tics. Emotional trauma can cause tics which can disappear when the emotional disorder is treated. Tics due to emotional trauma or stress can improve or disappear with hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), energetic therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) yoga, Tai Chi, music therapy, homeopathy, Interactive Metronome, cognitive behavioral therapy, HEMI Sync, acupuncture, massage, and scalp acupuncture. Secondary mood disorders can worsen the severity of tics.

Treating and healing facial tics or Tourette’s syndrome with ordinary amino acids is the basis for Orthomolecular Medicine. Large doses of naturally found proteins called amino acids can repair the imbalance in the brain and repair its malfunction. These amino acids are affordable and are used in therapeutic doses much larger than those levels normally found in food. The concept of orthomolecular medicine is based upon the use of very large doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, or botanical extracts for the cellular repair and enhancement of normal brain activities and motor activities.

Lithium mineral salt may help this patient if there is Tourette’s syndrome, but it would not help for most other types of facial tics. Botanicals that may treat tics and reduce tics and spasms include kava, skullcap, valerian, St John’s Wort, peppermint, black cohosh, dragon bone, prunella, rose hips, Go Teng, Tian Men Dong, Bai Shao, Yin Chen Hao. Orthomolecular medicine uses includes magnesium, zinc, calcium, B Vitamins, and chromium along with the botanicals to support recovery.

Orthomolecular medicine uses large therapeutic doses of carnitine, tryptophan, taurine, GABA, and 5-HTP. Theanine, GABA, and 5-HTP can work well for tics caused by stress. These amino acids must be used long- term for Tourette’s syndrome and you may want to consider IV therapy in the worst cases for at least nine months.

This patient may have severe allergies and benefit from the elimination of genetically modified foods. The diet should be altered to exclude unsaturated fats, caffeine, nicotine, artificial sweeteners, food additives, food dyes, alcohol, and high fat meats. Try to eat free range chicken, organic meat, organic or locally produced eggs, and limit red meat to twice per week. You should always eat breakfast relatively high in protein. This may include whey protein, almond milk, or soy protein. Walnuts, yogurt, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and pecans are great snack foods ideas. Remember that corn is frequently a genetically modified food. Popcorn can be a good snack food if you are certain that it is not genetically modified. Organic or locally grown vegetables and fruits are the best health options. Avoid foods that are often contaminated with pesticides or heavy metals. Plant fruit trees in your yard for more fresh fruit.

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Watercolor Painting Technique: Planning Your White Spaces

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In watercolor painting, the unpainted shapes are very important. These are the places the artist has planned ahead of time to represent the white areas of the painting. The eye naturally goes to "whites" first, especially if these are areas of high contrast. It is necessary to plan these areas in advance, and not to let them become just an afterthought; the whites need to be part of your overall design. A single white area is not enough in your composition. You will want to have a pattern of whites (in three or more areas of your watercolor) to keep your work balanced. I often find it helpful to look at my initial value sketches upside down, to determine where I might need more white space in my composition.

Once you have decided how much white paper to leave, and where it works best in your composition, you can fill in the values ​​of the remaining shapes. Make sure to vary the sizes and shapes of all the elements of your painting. Your whites can now be adjusted slightly to bring either a warm or cool variation to your scene. For instance, part of a white "shape" (this could be a house for example) in the distance, may be given a cool Cobalt Blue glaze, which will push it further back in your composition, as part of your background. It will still seem like a white house to your viewers, but with a subtle coolness. A very thin wash is all that will be needed here.

The same thing applies to whites in the foreground of your composition. These can be given a soft warm glaze made by mixing Aereolin Yellow and Rose Madder Genuine together. Apply a single layer of this color to a portion of a white element in your foreground. I prefer to wait until much of my painting is complete to add these subtle touches to my whites. This way I am careful not to overdo when altering the whites. These glazes should be very delicate.

Another way to give the whites in your painting a warm or cool cast, is by purposely placing a complementary color adjacent to it. For example, to make a patch of a white dog's fur seem warm, place a cool blue-gray next to this area. This will create a warm glow. In other parts of the animal's fur, use the ideas described above, varying your cool and warm sections. Your watercolor dog will have many different "whites" making him much more interesting to look at!

When altering your watercolor whites, remember less is definitely more!

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Source by Sue Doucette

Taekwondo Forms: ATA, ITF, WTF

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Taekwondo Forms

A “form” in Taekwondo is a choreographed series of moves, which can be performed with or without a weapon, for the purpose of interval cardio training and the development of proper mental and physical technique. They are more akin to exercise and conditioning than combat, while also displaying the artistic possibilities of Taekwondo. In competitions, Taekwondo forms are judged by a panel of judges, who evaluate the Taekwondo forms based on criteria such as energy, precision, control, and speed.

Taekwondo forms are given different Korean names based on the organization of the respective dojo.

In unaffiliated, Traditional Taekwondo, forms are called Hyeong.

In ATA (American Taekwondo Association) and WTF (World Taekwondo Federation), forms are called Poomsae.

In ITF (International Taekwondo Federation) style, forms are called Teul.

Types of Taekwondo Forms

Traditional Taekwondo: Because Traditional Taekwondo is unaffiliated and therefore non-standardized, its collection of forms is a massive amalgamation from often widely differing schools. There are no “standard” forms for Traditional Taekwondo.

ITF Taekwondo Forms: There are 24 ITF Taekwondo forms, (Teul), developed primarily in the 1960s. ITF Taekwondo represents the first attempt to unify and standardize the martial art.

ITF White Belts do not do forms, but rather simple exercises. As students move up in Taekwondo belts, the forms get increasingly complex.

In increasing belt order, the ITF Taekwondo Forms are:

Chon Ji – Means “Heaven-Light”, referring to the beginning of the world, and is appropriate for a beginner entering the world of Taekwondo.

Dan-Gun – Named after the founder of the first kingdom of Korea in 2333 BCE. Of course, he’s the grandson of the god of Heaven.

Do-San – Named after Ahn Chang-Ho, whose pen-name was Dosan, a prominent Korean independence activist and leader of the Korean-American immigrant community in the US.

Won-Hyo – Named after the important thinker and writer in Korean Buddhist tradition.

Yul-Gok – Named after the great Korean philosopher Yi I (Yul-Gok was his pseudonym), called the Confucius of Korea, who theorized about Chi being the controlling agent of the Universe.

Joong-Gun – Named after the Korean patriot who assassinated the Prime Minister of Japan.

Toi-Gye – Named after the Yi-Hwang, the authoritative Korean Noe-Confucian scholar.

Hwa-Rang – Named after the group of scholar-warriors famous in the tradition of the Korean military.

Choong-Moo – Named after the undefeated Korean admiral Yi Soon-Sin, who saved Korea from collapse due to Japanese invasion in 1592.

ITF Taekwondo Black Belt Forms

Kwang-Gae – Named after the 4th century king of Korea, who expanded the nation’s empire.

Po-Eun – Named after the 14th century Korean poet, scientist, and public servant Chong Mong Chu.

Gae-Baek – Named after the 7th century Korean general, remembered for his brave last stand against overwhelming odds.

Eui-Am – Named after the pseudonym of the 20th century leader of Korean independence Son Byong-Hi.

Choong-Jang – Named after a 14th century Korean general.

Juche – Named after the philosophical concept that man is the master of his destiny.

Sam-Il – Literally translating to March 1st, referring to the 1919 date of the Korean Independence Movement.

Yoo-Sin – Named after the 7th century Korean general, famous for helping unify the country.

Choi-Yong – Named after the 14 century Korean general.

Yon-Gae – Named after the 7th century Korean general.

Ul-Ji – Named after the 7th century Korean general who repelled an invasion of almost a million men.

Moon-Moo – Named after the 7th century Korean king.

So-San – Named after the great 16th century Korean monk who helped organize a force to repel Japanese pirates.

Se-Jong – Named after the 15th century Korean king, who helped develop the Hangul alphabet.

Tong-Il – Denotes the eventual reunification of Korea, divided since 1945.

ATA Taekwondo Forms: The ATA and its forms (poomsae) were created contemporaneously with the ITF, but tend to involve more kicks.

Color Belt ATA Taekwondo Forms (poomsae):

Songahm 1 – 18 moves

Songahm 2 – 23 moves

Songahm 3 – 28 moves

Songahm 4 – 31 moves

Songahm 5 – 34 moves

In Wha 1 – 44 moves

In Wha 2 – 42 moves

Choong-Jung 1 – 44 moves

Choong-Jung 2 – 46 moves

ATA Taekwondo Black Belt Forms (poomsae):

Shim Jun – 1st Dan, 81 moves

Jung Yul – 2nd Dan, 82 moves

Chung San – 3rd Dan, 83 moves

Sok Bong – 4th Dan, 84 moves

Chung Hae – 5th Dan, 95 moves

Jhang Soo – 6th Dan, 96 moves

Chul Joon – 7th Dan, 97 moves

Jeong Seung – 8th Dan, 98 moves

World Taekwondo Federation Forms (Poomsae): These forms are less combat-orientated and more geared towards preparing students for sports and sparring, with more upright stances rather than low ones.

Color Belt World Taekwondo Federation Forms (Poomsae):

Taegeuk Il Jang – A simple walking stance poomsae, meaning “the sky”, from which all begins, symbolizing the beginning of training in Taekwondo.

Taegeuk Ee Jang – A more front-stance focused poomsae meaning “lake”, as movements should be fluid yet firm.

Taegeuk Sam Jang – Meaning “fire”, this poomsae should be performed with burning enthusiasm and bursts of power.

Taegeuk Sa Jang – Meaning “thunder”, this poomsae is practiced with pride and with dignity.

Taegeuk Oh Jang – Meaning “wind”, as it is both powerful and gentle.

Taegeuk Yook Jang – Meaning “water”, as it is fluid and gentle, yet also persistent.

Taegeuk Chil Jang – Representing the mountain, this form is noted for its stability, solidity, and immobility.

Taegeuk Pal Jang – The earth stance, as it contains all of the others, and is the foundation for the upcoming black belt forms.

World Taekwondo Federation Black Belt Forms (poomsae):

Koryo – 1st Dan, named after the dynasty from which the word “Korea” comes.

Keumgang – 2nd Dan, meaning diamonds, which are too strong and hard to be broken.

Taebaek – 3rd Dan, referring to the “bright mountains” from which the legendary founder of Korea is believed to have ruled the nation.

Pyongwon – 4th Dan, referring to a grand, vast plain.

Sipjin – 5th Dan, meaning longevity, and referring to continual growth and development.

Jitae – 6th Dan, this poomsae refers to the earth, and the great power within it, as related to the great power within the human muscles.

Cheonkwon – 7th Dan, referring to the sky and the majesty and awe it inspires within men, forcing them to strive ever upwards.

Hansoo – 8th Dan, symbolizes the fluidity and adaptability of water, from which Taekwondo gets its strength.

Ilyeo – 9th Dan, refers to the Buddhist concept of oneness between mind and body.

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Tips on Framing Black and White Photography

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Black and white photographs have remained popular since theirception rough 150 years ago. The ability of black and white images to fit many decorating styles has contributed to their increased popularity. As such, people have become more open to alternative, more sophisticated framing designs for these items.

How to best frame a black and white photograph is a subject for much conjecture. Plain and simple to take nothing from the art, or more ornate to complement the subject matter? Add color in the frame design to help draw the eye to the picture, or stick with a rigid two-tone approach to ensure dramatic elegance?

So where does that leave us? Well to be honest somewhere in the middle. The fact is that there is as much variety in black and white photography as in any other art form. Think of it this way, if we asked everyone to dress in the same way the look would suit a few but be terrible for most. However, there are some simple rules and techniques you should keep in mind when framing black and white photographs.

– Some framers believe a pristine white mount is best for all black and white images, on the basis that it does not detract from the picture itself. However, for pictures with a white focal point, a pristine white mount can be too bright and will compete with the image for attention.

– Another common mistake is to try to 'lighten' dark art by surrounding it with a light mount. In reality, a light mount border causes the dark colors in the photo to look even darker.

– Mounts should be black, white or gray. Any other color adds an element that is not present in the picture. If you have a customer who insists on a colorful mount, a common suggestion is to go for a white mat with a small accent of color as a second mount. However, this accent actually pulls the eye away from the photo. A better solution is to use the color as the predominant top mount and place the accent of black or gray below it to work as a transition into the photo. With all that color surrounding the photo it isolates the image, in affect, drawing attention to it.

– When it comes to the molding, consider the era, style and location of the photograph. As in framing any art piece, each frame must enhance the style and mood of the photograph itself. Many framers believe you should stick to a narrow, basic frame for black and white photographs, but this may not co-ordinate with the subject of the photo. For example, a picture of an ornate piece of architecture may look better with a more classical molding design.

– Elongation is often a good treatment for portrait photographs, images with vertical subjects or strong vertical lines. By making the top and bottom borders wider, it dramatises all those vertical elements.

– A mountslip which matches the molding can create a strong, classic outline around the photograph. This helps pull the viewer's attention in from the frame to focus on the picture. Mountslips can also help enhance the customized appearance of the design, adding character and perceived value.

When any item is framed properly the frame design should add a sense of value to the finished product. So a good frame design will help a mediocre shot look good and an unimaginative framing job will bring even the best picture to the level of a cheap poster.

Remember, just because the subject lacks color does not mean the framing should lack imagination.

For more help or to discuss any of the points raised above please do not hesitate to contact us or visit us in person.

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What Is Washi Tape: Functional and Decorative Washi Tape Uses

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So what is washi tape? Many people have heard the term but are unsure of the many potential decorative washi tape uses, and how it can best be employed once it has been purchased. In fact it has dozens of uses, and many use it as gift wrap or as an everyday item in their home. We will explain here what this type of craft tape can be used for, including its sealing tape and decorative properties. Fundamentally, it is a type of Japanese paper. In fact the name itself indicates that: Wa + shi = Japanese + paper.

How is WASHI Tape Made?

Washi tape is produced from the pulped fibers of a number of plant species. Among these are fibers from the rice plant, hemp, bamboo, the mitsamuta shrub and gampi bark. The source is largely insignificant to its main properties, which are basically those of a regular paper masking tape. It is easily torn, can printed and possesses adhesive properties light enough to be peeled off the substrate but strong enough to be of use for packaging.

Unlike normal paper made from wood pulp, washi tape possesses a semi-translucent quality, so that you see light shining through it. Two of the main reasons why it is so special are that it can be printed in an unlimited range of colors and patterns, and it offers a beautiful option for those seeking a strong craft tape that can also be used for packaging. The tape can even be peeled from tissue paper if done carefully.

Washi Tape Uses

There are many washi tape uses. It can be printed with single solid colors, or with any beautiful design for use as a decorative tape for craft or functional applications. Because of its unusual strength for a form of paper, this unique tape is used to decorate and secure a number of household items where a strong bond is not essential.

Some use it to fix notes to their freezer or wallboards, and it is also useful for sealing small gifts. However, because washi tape can be peeled off, there is a compromise between its sealing power and removability. It is not recommended for sealing bulky or heavy packages, but it is a lovely way to seal light packets intended for special people.

When using it to seal light packaging always make sure the substrate is dry and non-greasy, and that your hands are clean when you apply it. It is not a good security tape, but its decorative properties are excellent!

Washi tape is a popular decorating medium for items such as flower pots, vases, lampshades and tablet and laptop covers. It is also useful for decorating cups, saucers, tumblers, glasses and other forms of tableware because it offers a degree of water resistance. However, there are many different types of this tape, and not all will resist being washed with water without done very gently.

Many Japanese use washi tape to decorate their chopsticks. You can use the tape to identify your own cutlery and crockery in a student flat, or to turn an ordinary table or desk into a beautiful work of art. The uses to which this decorative sealing and craft tape can be put are limited only by your imagination.

Craft Tape or Cosmetic Tape?

Washi tape has a number of cosmetic uses. You can brighten up your personal appearance by using adhesive washi tape on your toenails and fingernails. Brighten up your bicycle frame and decorate your car or van with this incredibly versatile tape. You can use it on any smooth surface, even glass. If used on your windows, its semi-translucent properties will literally make the design glow.

It is because it is available in a wide variety of beautiful designs and vibrant colors that it has become so popular worldwide. Yes, it can be used a packaging tape for small parcels (although check its strength on these first), and it has several more functional uses that you can reasonably think of, but it is for their beauty that such tapes are popular.

You can not go wrong by using washi tape for any decorative or craft purpose. It has not been so popular all round the world for no reason – washi tape speaks for itself and you will be astounded by its beauty when you first use it.

Washi Tape Summary

So, what is washi tape? It is a Japanese craft tape that can be used a sealing tape or for decorative purposes. It can easily be removed and reused for another purpose. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth, but only if you treat it gently and do not rub it hard. Its translucent properties offer a number of opportunities for its use to decorate lampshades and even fluorescent light tubes. Quite frankly, the potential uses of this beautiful tape are limited only by your imagination … and it seals packages!

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His Most Famous Painting (Regatta at Cowes) – Raoul Dufy

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Raoul Dufy (1877-1953) was a French painter, whose paintings on open-air recreational events, such as boat or horse races, concerts, and parades, stunned art admirers and critics, alike. With ‘Fauvism’ as his signature style, Raoul’s paintings were supreme riots of his experimentation with bold colors, which would transform eventually into majestic and ingenious styles. He would dramatically render his subjects in a background of bold colors, to depict his optimism and enthusiasm that left his critics shocked and mesmerized. In short, Dufy’s paintings exhibited enthusiasm and vibrancy, rather than ‘Realism,’ as evident in his most famous painting “Regatta at Cowes.”

Raoul Dufy’s ‘Decorative Style’ is still famous and is adopted to paint many ceramics, textiles, and public buildings. Among his many masterpieces, is his most famous painting “Regatta at Cowes,” (1934), exceptionally known for its colorful representation of the boat race along the French Riviera. Dufy painted this masterpiece when he stayed at a famous resort on the Isle of Wight. At this time, he witnessed many small yachts gearing up for the race. This spectacle inspired Dufy to use his brilliant brushstrokes and create the masterpiece.

In “Regatta at Cowes,” Raoul Dufy painted the randomly organized yachts, possibly fluttering in the light breeze, in a bold blue backdrop, capturing the energy and the ‘Romanticism’ of the sea environment. For his use of colors here, Dufy is referred as the ‘Painter of Light,’ as his skies and seas are bluer than normal. This immensely colorful painting depicts Dufy’s pursuit of unbridled joy, enthusiasm, and emotional rendition, without making a social statement. This masterpiece truly portrays the artist’s love for depicting everyday scenes as ‘Still Life.’

Paul Dufy’s “Regatta at Cowes” is currently exhibited at the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., USA. After displaying the boat race at Cowes, Dufy went on to explore more riversides, such as Deauville, Trouville, where he portrayed his chic boats with much élan amongst a more ‘Romantic’ backdrop than his earlier works. “Regatta at Cowes” continues to enthrall art lovers for its fervor, luminosity, and enthusiasm. The brilliant manifestation of the boat race at Cowes makes this masterpiece unforgettable and endearing to all its art lovers, while being a timeless and an important milestone for ‘Fauvism.’

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