Why 3D Animation is So Popular

As more and more artists are using computers to create animations, 3D animations are becoming quite popular. Earlier only the artists of a few big companies had access to the software required to create a 3D animation movie. However, today more people are getting access to these software and more companies are using these for various reasons. These days even mobile phones with 3D display screens are being developed.

To understand how 3D animation is created, you will have to understand how 2D animation works. Before the age of computers, artists drew slides with the slightly altered images and then displayed the series of slides one after another. For example, if the artist wanted to show a ball falling; then they would draw the ball a little lower in the second slide, and even lower in the third slide and so one. When the slides were presented at a certain speed, the illusion of the moving ball was created.

The problem with this method was that was time consuming and tedious. Soon the time required for the creation of the frames was reduced because the computers could be programmed to create the frames between the initial and final positions of objects. The artist would have to only make correction if required or add other elements to the frames. The option of the copy paste function also ensured that much of the work could be done quickly.

However, the motion pictures created using the 2D techniques were not really up to the mark because they these did not look realistic enough. 3D animation made it possible for the movies to look more natural and thus this technology has been adopted in spite of the fact that it is more difficult to make such a movie.

The first step in 3D animation is character sketching. The artist sketches images of the characters from as many angles as possible so that the character modeler can create the 3D model. Then the character modeler chooses from a variety of methods to sculpt the model pretty much in the same way a sculptor uses clay or stone to make a real sculpture. The only difference is that this done on a virtual platform.

After this, the scene is built and the characters are set into motion by the animator who uses software to create the illusion of movement by giving the initial and final positions of the desired movements.

Since this creates a more lifelike movie, people like to watch it. Naturally, it is becoming one of the most popular modes of movie making.

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Source by Ryan Macker

Painting From Photo, Pictures Are the Best Gift for Your Loved Ones

Gifting definitely is an indivisible part of any festivity or occasion. No matter whether it’s any one’s birthday or wedding or anniversary, present is important to be given. This is because gifts as paintings are not simple things but symbol of love for the other person. This is the paramount means to convey your loving & caring emotions simply at any point of time. That is why for year present has been being shared or exchanged among people to strengthen their eternal bonds of earth. We have all, at some time or another, been stuck for gift ideas for our friends and family. Sometimes finding the right gift for a loved one can be a real challenge. It can be still harder to find impressive really unique that suits the person who you want to buy for, but we think that we have found the solution. It is painting.

Translation of picture from photo and drawings finished by passionate and skilled artists are an enormous way to pamper you and your loved ones, with means custom oil painting pictures from your own photos. The little gift scenery come unframed, but off course you can frame it yourself if you like. Each art creation is unique, and so is every sheet of this handmade paper. You can even order a personal small gift paintings yourself, made as a unique piece of art especially for you or for someone who is dear to you. A delightfully painted portrait on canvas conveys a message to your loved one that you truly care about their happiness. They’ll be delighted that you made a special effort to reconstruct their most valued memory on canvas.

Have you seriously considered making a gift of a portrait painting? Not anymore! With the new photo to portrait technology it is now possible to make a painstakingly hand painted portrait painting from digital photographs. Oil paintings are always well-liked and appreciated by painting lovers and every art geek. World’s finest painting and portraits are crafted with oil paints. These painted pictures come in impressionism, contemporary, abstract and in many other stunning designs and styles. Painted pictures are painters own imaginations which is created by the implementation of various colors, brushes and other tools to craft a masterpiece. Oil portrait painting is indeed ideal for gift-giving purposes.

Choosing a painting gives you never-ending choices; select one of your beloved wedding pictures, group of friends’ photo, holiday memories, graduation, children’s portraits or a cherished family photo. Turn it into works of art that will previous forever. Imagine magnificent artwork from your photographs. Have professional artists turn them into beautiful handmade paintings and drawings. It is perfect gift idea. These masterpieces serve as the best and excellent gifts for loved ones. These items are essentially influenced by the surroundings; these heart touching gifts have their own unique styles. Although with the modern era gifts options has got more varieties but still there is no comparison of these miniature art. Paint pictures like sun set, sun rise, meadow, mountains, river, sea, natural greenery and many more are also in trend to present them to loved ones. These paintings will represent your real love and respect to the receiver.

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Source by Jitendra Kumar Bari

Creator Of The Baby Emily Collection – Linda Webb

Linda Webb is one of the world’s most eminent doll artists. Her original pieces are extremely valuable and the waiting list for her works of doll art stretches for years. Now, this renowned doll artist has sculpted the fabulous collection of lifelike baby dolls to measure just 10″ long! They have soft bodies that can be posed in all kinds of adorable ways.

A website with hand-built collection of half a million pages built by the public, squidoo.com/LindaWebb says this of her: “Among Doll Collectors, Linda Webb is one of the most popular doll artists today. Original Linda Webb baby dolls and lifelike dolls sell for thousands of dollars regularly.”

As for the reason why Linda Webb decided to create infant dolls, it can be traced back to the birth of her son. She admits that she knows that memories and photographs will not be sufficient to hold her son’s image in her heart so she started embarking on a journey to make a life-like infant dolls.

A renowned collection of baby dolls made by Linda Webb is the ‘Loving Emily Collection’, where she works with Aston Drake, a distinguished doll making company. It consists of a collection of 4 collectable dolls and the unique thing is that it displays the first few months of the baby’s life, from being a newborn to her first birthday party. For doll lovers, it is definitely a must buy! Baby Emily has won the Dolls Award of Excellence sponsored by Doll Magazine, the DOTY award, sponsored by Doll Reader Magazine, and she has also won the NALED Doll of the Year.

From head to toe, no efforts are spared, and no materials are too costly. Meticulously made, she is so amazingly real that she seems alive! Wait till the moment you pick her up and hold her. Once you do it, you will know why she is so coveted by collectors worldwide.

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Source by Rod Low

Classic Mayan Pottery And Artifacts – Know Before You Buy

The UNESCO Treaty of 1972, of which Mexico and all Central American countries are signatories, prohibits the exportation of “cultural patrimony”, any culturally significant pottery or art object. Anything that can be proven to have been acquired before 1972 is a legally acquired object, however the possession of any item exported from its native country after that time is illegal to buy, own or possess and offenders can be dealt with severely. In some countries, Honduras for example, it is illegal for even native citizens to own or possess original Mayan artifacts.

Before even considering buying Mayan art there are a few terms with which you must be very familiar:

ORIGINAL: These are items hand-made by Mayans in pre-historical times, almost always Pre-Columbian and usually excavated from a known archaeological site. Any legitimate original item will have legal provenance showing its pre-1972 acquisition.

REPLICA: These are made in the same way as originals, using original materials and pigments and many times made in the same location by Mayan descendants. These are made to be as near in appearance to originals as possible, sometimes an exact copy, but are NOT sold as original. Many of these are museum quality and stunningly beautiful, but there is no claim from the seller of their authenticity.

REPRODUCTION: Reproductions are modern and little attempt is made to ensure the use of original materials, though many are very well made and quite beautiful. They are made in larger quantities than replicas and are marketed mostly to foreign tourists.

RENINISCENTS: These are low-end tourist “junk”. No attempt is made as to authenticity, merely something to bring home to remember a trip and may have the name of town or tourist attraction. These may be made in and imported from China or Taiwan.

FAKES: Herein lies the problem. Fakes are a deliberate attempt to cheat or swindle a buyer. The antiquities market, and especially the internet, is swimming in fakes. It has been estimated by knowledgeable collectors and museum curators that over ninety percent of online sales of “Pre-Columbian” Mayan art are fakes, sometimes involving the loss of thousands of dollars to the buyer. Determining if a piece is a fake is very difficult without the use of sophisticated and expensive atomic absorption or colorimetric equipment, and some have wound up in museums for years only to find out at a later date that they are not genuine.

A quick look at eBay, Amazon or other online auction sites will reveal dozens of offers of Pre-Columbian Mayan art. Asking prices range from hundreds to over ten thousand dollars. Few make any attempt to offer proof of authenticity other than their own online auction reputation. Anyone contemplating buying Mayan art that is represented as genuine should insist on serious legal provenance including sales receipts and bills of lading showing the items were imported prior to 1972. Not all auction sales are frauds or scam attempts by any means. Most are probably listed as genuine through ignorance by the seller of his item and of the law. There are a good many sellers, however, who make big money through deliberate swindles.

There are many replicas and reproductions of Mayan art that make fine displays and conversation pieces for the home of most anyone interested in the genre. Most any viewer would be hard pressed to know they were not a thousand years old. If, however, you insist on having only an authentic classic piece, insist also on proper legal provenance to avoid loss of a lot of money and the possibility of a legal challenge. With proper vigilance it is still possible to have a magnificent original piece of Classic Mayan art.

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How To Have An Iron Body Through Tai Chi Practice

We’ve all seen movies where in the middle of a fight a hero’s enemies land what would ordinarily be devastating blows. The hero might stumble for a moment or two, but is ultimately able to withstand the hits and go on fighting and land overwhelming blows. Although these movie fights are just fiction, there are real ways to train to be able to have a body that, to an attacker, feels like iron.

There are two basic types of iron body training. The first of these is external iron body training. This basically involves pounding the body with heavier and heavier blows so that it gets used to taking these huge shocks to the system. This method can work. However it has major drawbacks. It is very hard on the person being trained and can seriously wear on the body later in life. Because its harmfulness, this method is not recommended.

Fortunately, there is a healthier way to achieve an iron body: internal training. In the past, only external methods of training were really available for martial arts students because internal methods were kept secret by those who practiced them. But today these methods are more openly taught.

Internal iron body involves several goals. The first goal is called Golden Bell Covered. Golden Bell Covered allows practitioners to withstand harder and harder hits. However, more importantly, Golden Bell Covered enables those who use it to disperse the energy from these hits so that the don’t do any damage to the recipient.

Internal iron body also involves the quality of steel wrapped in cotton that many of the Tai Chi classics talk about. This means that a Tai Chi martial artist can lightly tap an attacker and yet the blow will feel to the opponent like they are being hit with a steel rod wrapped in a thin layer of cotton about the thickness of a sock. These kinds of blows can be highly damaging.

At a higher level these skills can allow a practitioner to send the energy of a blow directly back to the opponent doing immediate damage such as breaking the wrist or the elbow or actually dislocating the shoulder of the striker.

Internal iron body does not come from simply hitting the body the way that external iron body is built. Instead, it comes through developing a set of skills and abilities that, at first, seem quite a ways away from what would seem to build this kind of ability. Among other things, internal iron body requires that practitioners be able to sense and manipulate the flow of energy through their bodies. This alone requires a number of abilities. Students must be able use sung relaxation as well as being able to achieve peng where the body is internally connected. For sensing and manipulating energy practitioners must also have a deep level of rootedness as well as knowledge about a number of rooting techniques. Practitioners must also be able to work with two primary kinds of energy as well: heaven energy and earth energy. It is important to understand and work with these two basic kinds of energy forms both separately and together.

Internal iron body cannot be picked up instantaneously, but then on the other hand, it is not something that only a few people can learn in a lifetime. With training, even an average person can learn these skills.

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Source by Richard Clear

Best Cities For Voice Over Work

Here’s a look at the best cities for various kinds of voice over work:

New York City, NY

New York City is the place to go for the best voice over work for advertisements. With most of the top advertising agencies located in the Big Apple, it makes sense that the biggest voice talents for advertisements are congregated here. While famous voice over actors such as Donald James and Rick Blade are based in New York, advertising agencies have the clout to bring in celebrities for voice over work in advertisements.

Los Angeles, CA

For voice over work in movies, Los Angeles is certainly the best city. As many actors and actresses live and work in Hollywood, people who are looking to hire a particular voice will have to make a trip to Los Angeles. Unless it’s for an animated film, voice over work for movies will usually star the actors. For instance, Ray Liotta who played Henry Hill in Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas also provide the voice over in many of the scenes.

Chicago, IL

If you are located in the Midwest and you don’t have the time to go to New York or Los Angeles, Chicago may be the best city for you. Known as the hub of the Midwest and Big Radio City, the Windy City has a long history of great voice talent work. Chicago voice artists such as: Harlan Hogan, Bob Worthington, and Gonzo Schexnayder have provided their services to some of the biggest companies in the country. Chicago also provides good voice training programs so there’s no shortage of new talents.

Vancouver, British Columbia

For some time, Vancouver has established itself as one of the leading animation producers in the western world. From schools to state-of-the-art studios, Vancouver offers great possibilities for present and future animators. Some of the more popular animations including Ed, Edd, and Eddy, and The Prince of Egypt, have come out of Vancouver. With such a thriving scene, it’s no wonder that Vancouver is the best place to find voice over artists for animation. To match the high quality animations, the voice talents must be of high quality to bring out the essence of the stories.

Montreal, Quebec

The best city for gaming voice over work is Montreal, another Canadian city. Very quickly, Montreal has risen to become a major player in the video game industry. There are now more than 50 development companies, 14 software companies, and 18 gaming services companies located in this beautiful city, offering more than 6,000 jobs. Without a doubt, voice over work is integral to the success of a video game and voice talents in Montreal, are specially tailored for gaming.

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Source by David Ciccarelli

Western Art – Reductive Art – Creatively Simple

Reductive Art – The Concept

Rather than being a distinct genre of art, this art form is a collective term for some Modern Art styles with same or similar underlying philosophy. The essence of Reductive Art lies in its simplistic designs rather than intricate work, clarity against obscurity, basic forms against elaborate patterns, and simple color schemes in the place of fantastical palettes. This philosophy took roots in America around the late 1950s, as a rebellion against the existing art movements. Finally, this art form resulted as a reaction of the modern day artists against the idealism of 1960s. Accordingly, the role of themes or subjects took a backseat and the significant of ‘concept’ was underlined.

The Correlations

Among the Modern Art forms and alternative names that can be categorized as Reductive Art are ABC art, Color Field, Minimalistic art, Cool art, Rejective art, Geometrical Abstraction, and Anti-illusion art. Therefore, Reductive Art is a pluralistic approach that finds expression in varied forms and techniques.

The Details

Precision and asymmetry are the prime attributes of Reductive Art. Geometrical Abstraction is mainly set in continuous forms and limited (or, only primary) colors. The idea (concept) for a particular pattern becomes the driving force behind the execution of these works. Therefore, Reductive art is free from the bounds of historical, social, political, religious, or mythological inspiration for the choice of subjects. It is claimed that ‘intellectual rigor’ for conceptualization of the works has precedence over the technique involved and medium used.

The Artists & the Artworks

Dutch painter Piet Mondrian’s (1872-1944) ‘Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow’ (1930), ‘Composition with Yellow, Blue, and Red’ (1937-42), and ‘Composition 10’ (1939-42) are works having rectangles of varying sizes painted in primary colors. The focus of Minimalism is to create as simple a design as possible. Russian painter Kazimir Severinovich Malevich’s (1879-1935) ‘Black Circle’ (1913) and ‘Black Square’ (1915) are strongly Minimalistic in nature. American Sculptor Tony Smith’s (1912-80) 1962 sculpture ‘Free Ride’ is remarkable example of Minimalistic designing. ‘Harran II’ (1967) by American painter and sculptor Frank Stella (born 1936), ‘Untitled’ (1990) by the American artist Donald Clarence Judd (1928-94), ‘Bronze Gate’ (2005) & ‘Untitled’ (1967) by American sculptor, artist, & writer Robert Morris (born 1931) are some of the other famous works in Reductive Art.


Minus Space is a curatorial project dealing in Reductive Arts, which has a strong web presence, a big community of artists, and a large collection of submitted works. Various members curate the exhibitions of submitted Reductive Art works of its members. This is an example of how aesthetics of such Minimalism and related genres continue to generate interest for the artists and the viewers alike

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Source by Annette Labedzki

Akita Inu – Folklore and Legend

The Akita did not receive official recognition in its native land until 1931, but it has had a special place in the hearts of the Japanese from earliest times. The dog has a mysterious quality, it is highly intelligent, aloof with strangers and yet shows an absolute devotion to its family and would die rather than fail them. The Japanese people prize their heritage and culture, and the Akita has always been associated with good luck and fortune. An effigy of the Akita is often given at the birth of a baby or to someone who is sick or injured. The breed has been regarded as a status symbol from Shogunate times and it is said that one Shogun owned some four hundred Akitas and kept a special servant to care for each and every one of them. Over the centuries many owners kept the pelts of their most treasured dogs to serve as a lasting reminder, and today the Akita has the distinction of appearing on postage stamps and other official documents. The breed is valued so highly in Japan that if the owner of a champion Akita falls on hard times, the Government will pay for the upkeep of the dog for as long as necessary.

Perhaps the most famous Akita of all was one named Hachiko, owned by Dr. Eisaburo Ueno, a professor at Tokyo University. Each morning the dog would walk with his master to Shibuyu railway station to see him off to work, and he would return each day at 3pm to greet him as he returned on the afternoon train. On May 21st. 1925, the doctor left as usual, but he did not return. He had suffered a stroke and died at the university. Hachiko returned to Shibuyu station every day, each morning and each afternoon for the next ten years. Over the years, the people of Tokyo came to know and love this devoted dog, and gave him food and water. Many made a special journey just to feed and pat him, and to be able to say: “l have seen Hachiko.” Finally, on March 7th, 1935, the dog was found dead at the station. But he was not forgotten. In 1943 a small bronze statue was erected in the place where he died, at Shibuyu station. Unfortunately, the war effort meant that all statues were confiscated by the government to be melted down for ore, and the statue of Hachiko was lost. However, in 1948 a son of the original sculptor was commissioned to create another statue, and this was placed in the same spot. Today, the spirit of Hachiko lives on, for the statue has become a special meeting place for lovers. The dog has become a legend in Japan and is a symbol of all that is best in the Japanese Akita – – a dog that is uniquely loyal to its master.

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Source by Amy S Morin

Information About the Japanese Language

Japanese or Nihongo is the language of more than 130 million people in Japan as well as Japanese emigrant communities. It belongs to the Japonic family of language. Although there are several suggested connections with other languages, none of them have become unanimously accepted. There is a belief that the Japaneses language has some links with the Altaic family, which also includes Turkish, Mongolian, and other languages.

In its written form, the language is made up of a mix of three scripts: kanji, which is modified Chinese characters; hiragana, composed of a basic set of characters involving vowels and consonants; and katakana composed of straight strokes and angular corners and the most basic among the scripts. Romaji, the Latin alphabet is also used often in modern Japanese. These letters are very common in company names and logos, advertising, or when inputting text into the computer.

The vocabulary of the Japaneses language got heavy influence from loaned words from other languages. Majority of the words traces its roots from the Chinese for at least 1,500 years. Since the latter part of the 19th century, the Japanese vocabulary consisted of words borrowed from the Indo-European languages. Since the special trade relationship involving Japan and Portugal in the 16th century and Netherlands during the 17th century, Portuguese and Dutch have also made significant contributions in Japanese vocabulary.

The Japaneses language consists of two forms: hyojungo, which is the standard language, and kyotsugo, or common language. These two terms are almost identical. They trace their roots from the Meiji Restoration. It was the language spoken by higher-class citizens in Tokyo as a result of the need to communicate. Hyojungo is taught in educational institutions and used for official communications as well as in the television.

In writing, bungo or literary language was distinct from kogo or colloquial language. The former served as the principal method of writing Japanese until around 1900. On the other hand, the latter is the predominant method of speaking and writing in modern times.

The Japaneses language is composed of pure vowels and no diphthongs. The consonants have multiple allophones, which can result to a large inventory of sounds.

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What is Anime

Anime is an abbreviation for the word animation.

In English, main dictionary sources define anime as “a Japanese style of motion-picture animation” or “a style of animation developed in Japan”. Since anime or animçshon is used to describe all forms of animation, Japanimation is used to distinguish Japanese work from that of the rest of the world.

In more recent years, anime has also frequently been referred to as manga in European countries, a practice that may stem from the Japanese usage: In Japan, manga can refer to both animation and comics (although the use of manga to refer to animation is mostly restricted to non-fans).

Anime often draws influence from manga, light novels, and other cultures. Anime can be broadcast on television and is widely distributed via any form of media presentations, such as DVD, video and the internet. Anime is sometimes referred to as Japanimation, but this term has fallen into disuse

When it comes to the countries that are outside of Japan, the word is known to most popularly refer to the animation that originates in Japan.

However, if you travel to the west you will find that the word anime is not always considered as referring to animation but it is thought to be a subset of animation.

Anime is available outside of Japan in localized form. Anime has also been a commercial success in Asia, Europe and Latin America, where anime has become even more mainstream than in the United States.

Anime features a wide variety of artistic styles. There is some anime that is drawn by hand however there is also some that is computer assisted animation which has actually became very popular over the years.

Anime or manga tends to be targeted at teenage or young male adults. Anime is often considered a form of limited animation. When it comes to anime, it is just like any other entertainment medium in which the actual story lines are used to actually represent the major genres of the actual fiction.

There are many ways that you can watch anime because of the fact that it is broadcasted on television as well as distributed on media that is often known as DVD as well as VHS and it is also included in the video games that are played by adults as well as children.

There is some anime that is even produced as motion pictures that are full length. It is known that anime actually draws its influence from what are known as manga as well as light novels and certain other cultures as well.

There have also been some anime storylines that have actually been adapted into what is known as live action films as well as television series.

The actual history of anime is known to have begun in the very beginning of the twentieth century. This was the actual time that the Japanese filmmakers were experimenting with the techniques of animation. This type of animation was also at that time being experimented with in other countries such as France and Germany as well as Russia and the United States as well.

As a result of this work and that of other pioneers in the field, anime developed characteristics and genres that are fundamental elements of the art today.

Anime became very popular in Japan because it provided an alternative outlet for the art of storytelling. In sharp contrast when compared to the undeveloped industry of live action that was currently being used within Japan.

In the United States as that time the live action industry had a generous budget, whereas the country of Japan had a small market and they also suffered from budgeting problems as well as location and not to mention the restrictions that were placed on the casting.

Anime-influenced animation refers to non-Japanese works of animation that emulate the visual style of anime. Some authorities say that Anime is closely related to the Japanese comics, called manga. Anime also tends to borrow many elements from manga including text in the background, and borrowing panel layouts from the manga as well.

Many anime series got their start as popular manga. Anime is often thought provoking and provides an excellent foundation for raising important issues with your children. Some anime storylines have been adapted into live action films and television series

Anime burst onto the scene in September of 1963, when NBC syndicated a dubbed version of the Japanese series Astro Boy. Robot anime like Gundam and Macross became instant classics in the 80s, and the robot genre of anime is still one of the most heard of in Japan and worldwide today.

In the 1980s, anime was accepted in the mainstream in Japan, and experienced a boom in production (It should be noticed that, manga has significantly more mainstream exposure than anime in Japan). The mid-to-late ’90s, on into the 2000s, saw an increased acceptance of anime in overseas markets.

There are many books available that can help in perfecting the anime drawing style. Such books come complete with information and instructions on the styles used in anime.

A common approach is the large eyes style drawn on many anime and manga characters, credited to the influence of Osamu Tezuka, who was inspired by the exaggerated features of American cartoon characters such as Betty Boop and Mickey Mouse and from Disney’s Bambi.

Although not all anime have large eyes many western audiences associate anime with large detailed eyes as many shounen or boy comics and shoujo young girl comics depict their characters with large eyes.

Other stylistic elements are common as well; often in comedic anime, characters that are shocked or surprised will perform a “face fault”, in which they display an extremely exaggerated expression.

In anime the lines are often influenced more from a stylistic look from brushwork, rather than that of the calligrapher’s pen. This is best demonstrated in the anime Karekano.

The anime may also be edited to alter cultural references that may not be understood by a non-Japanese person and certain companies may remove what may be perceived as objectionable content.

Anime also provides a window into another culture. Anime seems to function very effectively as a cultural ambassador.

Anime has a dedicated fan following in English speaking countries, particularly active on the Internet, and at conventions regularly held throughout the US and UK.

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