Why Do We Love to Listen to Songs in Foreign Languages?

French and Italian music are really something special to listen to. The way the words are pronounced and get mixed together is a true pleasure for me to listen to. The main reason why some people like to listen to music in a foreign language is mainly because you get to focus more on the sounds of the instruments and the voice of the artist. When you listen to music in a language you understand you focus a lot on the lyrics of the song and most of the times forget about the instruments. You seldom ignore the voice of the artist but it can happen when you focus too much on the lyrics and forget about who are singing.

The fact that you don’t understand the lyrics doesn’t make the experience necessarily frustrating. Your brain goes into passive mode because you don’t need to decipher the lyrics of the song, you only listen to the music passively. This is why it is easier to study while listening to music in a foreign language than it is when you understand the lyrics. This is when you show more appreciation for the voice of the artist in the first place and the combination of the musical instruments in the second place. During this process you detect sounds you would not normally detect when you were listening to music in your own mother tongue. You may also develop a bigger interest in the artist’s music because you are now listening at the core of the music.

Listening to music in foreign languages also gives you a break from your own cultural music. It is sometimes very interesting when you get exposed to music from other cultures and in the end you find that there are many similarities between that music and music from your own culture. Music is a universal language that can’t be restricted by language or culture. True music is sincerely and speaks from the artist’s soul. Lara Fabian once said “I don’t believe that a language will limit an emotion, so there is not a specific language to say something that comes from the heart. You can say something from the heart in Japanese, Indian, Italian, English, it doesn’t matter, as long as it is sincere. I truly believe specific feelings, true feelings have no limitations or no barriers when it comes to honesty.”

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Source by Coenraad De Beer

Do I Really Need a Painting Contractor

Everyone wants a beautiful house and for that, you need to take care of every like thing. Painting is one of the most essential parts of every household as you need your house to look perfect to your guests. To choose a color or paint design for your house can take a lot of your time. You can simply ask the experts or check out various designs online.

Interior painting is one of the most difficult painting designs you can get for your house. For that, you will have to take help from painting contractors who can handle various things for you. From choosing the right materials to proper planning everything will be handled by the experts so that you will enjoy painting in your house.

Quality of the painting needs to be the best

If you are confused as to select the services of a painting contractor to do it yourself then you need to consider the quality as a factor. If you try doing the painting by yourself then you will not get the desired results as there will be a lot of problems.

Can save a lot of your time

By hiring a professional painting contractor can save a lot of your time instead of doing it yourself. An expert knows how to handle various work at once and will only use limited products. But if you try doing it yourself then you might not be able to handle everything and you also have the risk of buying more or fewer products for the painting work.

Best interior painting from experts

If you are planning to get interior painting for your house then you should make sure that you only hire a professional painting contractor. By using the help from experienced worker you will surely get desirable results for your house.

Clean up after the work

Well, think about how much time you will spend on painting your house and if that’s not enough you also have to handle the cleaning after that. But if you take the help from painting contractor then not only they complete the work on time but also handle the cleanup work after that.

So these are some of the benefits you can get by using the help of a painting contractor. You can find the best painting contractor near your house by looking for them on the internet. Help you found this article useful.

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Segmented Bowl

People who love to craft designs from wood have made amazing art using this particular woodworking method. Some of patterns are quite spectacular and your project can be, too! Among the many masterpieces that I’ve seen online, my all-time favorite is a segmented bowl. The one that I saw was really beautiful and way the pattern spiraled into the bottom of the bowl gave it great depth. One day soon, I plan on making one for my own home.

You can start by deciding on the general shape and size of your project and the appearance of your final work. You also need to consider the color and design pattern you want. Consider the species of wood to use to contrast the different colors and final appearance.

The best way and most cost efficient way to make one of these bowl is to create a block of wood gluing strips of wood together of different thickness and colors. If you repeat the design on each side of the center you will have spiral design on each side to the bowl. The block should be between 2.5 inches and 3 inches thick when finished. You will then cut boards from the block you just glued up, you need four boards, and thickness is variable. You will need to need to cut rings from these boards. Use a compass to draw the rings so that they should nest inside one another. The rings can be cut out with a scroll saw or a band saw; if you use a band saw do not glue the center of the block; you can tape the boards together to draw the rings. The rings can be glued together later.

From large to small, each ring is slightly larger than the previous ring. It is critical that the surface of the rings be smooth and well sanded, any blemish will be highly visible in your finished work. The rings overlap each other by a half inch to three quarter inches, when gluing these rings together it is important that the rings be centered within each other and the stack as vertical as possible. The side walls of the finished bowl will be thin 1/4 to 3/8 inches, if there is excessive wobble or the stack is not vertical you will cut through one side and a lot of work will be wasted.

The stack of rings will not be perfect, but should be glued together as carefully as possible. Rotating the rings as you glue them together will create the spiral design.

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Source by Steven Nicholson

Why Are Fossil Watches Are So Popular?

Fossil Watches are classic, yet contemporary, simple and warm – this is the modern vintage – This modern vintage is the exclusive style perspective that defines the Fossil brand and its many products. It successfully translates the mid-century modern art and architecture design impression into forms and fashions that are distinctively relevant for today’s shopper. These watches are very nice to wear, and will not cost you a bundle. Most of my favorites run from $65 to $85, well within most people’s budget for a quality watch. These watches are available in both digital and analog mechanisms and with leather or metal bands.

Fossil watches are easily found online or at local department stores. It is one of the most sought-after names in popular watch brands. These watches are made for both men and women and are offered in an array of sizes, styles and materials. Watches with charm bracelet links to watches with leather bands and everything in between can be found both in Fossil men’s and ladies watch line!

These watches are found in a variety of ranges. The men’s line has casual, dress, chronograph, titanium, motion dial, midsize and pocket watch ranges. The ladies watches are made in gold, silver, leather and designer styles that are fully functional with interchangeable dials and special adjust-o-matic features, which make it fit perfectly on any size wrist.

Fossil watch tins were introduced in 1989 to reflect the company’s 1950’s Americana style of branding that has made the company so popular. Every new watch is packaged in one of these distinctive tins and you can find collectors actually buying and selling the tins alone on eBay and at flea markets.

To this very day, Fossil has kept true to its philosophy of testing the limits of design, innovation and technology, as evident in all their products. Truly inspired, that’s the heart and soul of Fossil watches. The uniqueness of Fossil watches, lies in the brand’s aim of changing timepieces from time reading devices, into a style statement. Fossil was the pioneering American brand to make the banal looking wristwatch metamorphose into an item of vogue. With a look that’s all on its own, Fossil provides sports, casual, and fashion style watches that go great for any occasion.

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Source by Jeff Glasser

The Meaning and Symbolism Behind the Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus flowers are amazing and have strong symbolic ties to many Asian religions especially throughout India. The lotus flower starts as a small flower down at the bottom of a pond in the mud and muck. It slowly grows up towards the waters surface continually moving towards the light. Once it come to the surface of the water the lotus flower begins to blossom and turn into a beautiful flower.

Within Hinduism and Buddhism the lotus flower has become a symbol for awakening to the spiritual reality of life. The meaning varies slightly between the two religions of course but essentially both religious traditions place importance on the lotus flower.

In modern times the meaning of a lotus flower tattoo ties into it’s religious symbolism and meaning. Most tattoo enthusiast feel that the a lotus tattoo represent life in general. As the lotus flower grows up from the mud into a object of great beauty people also grow and change into something more beautiful (hopefully!). So the symbol represent the struggle of life at its most basic form.

Lotus flower tattoos are also popular for people who have gone through a hard time and are now coming out of it. Like the flower they have been at the bottom in the muddy, yucky dirty bottom of the pond but have risen above this to display an object of beauty or al ife of beauty as the case might be. Thus a lotus flower tattoo or blossom can also represent a hard time in life that has been overcome.

Lotus flower and peonies are also two flowers that are very popular among Japanese tattoo artists and they make a great compliment to Koi Fish tattoos. Ironically enough the two koi fish and lotus flowers can often be found in the same pond in front of a temple. The Koi fish is a symbol typically for strength and individualism.

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Techniques For Acrylic Painting – How to Paint People – Painting Closed Lips and Mouths

Learning how to paint people is exciting, and sometimes challenging. There are some tips and techniques that can help you as you begin your portrait painting journey.

Start with an accurate drawing of the subject you plan on painting.

Some artist use the grid method, while others free hand the initial drawing. One hint that you need to take to heart is this; If you don’t have an accurate drawing, do not attempt to paint the person. You more than likely will not achieve a likeness if you don’t have a likeness first in pencil.

Painting the closed mouth is fairly easy with practice. Painting the open mouth is more difficult and requires lots of practice. This is because you not only have to paint the lips, but the gums and teeth and sometimes the tongue. The mouth is the facial feature which most expresses the subjects’ mood. The mouth and lips can make or break a portrait. They can make an otherwise realistic portrait look unlike the person or even cartoonish if you do not get it close to exact. To paint closed lips make sure that the pencil drawing is accurate. You will need to step back and view the drawing to make sure that it looks like the subject.

Using the correct color for the lips.

When you are satisfied that the drawing is correct, use a color that matches the persons flesh tone and create the outline of the mouth and the line between the lips. The color that you will use for the lip outline is flesh tone with some burnt umber and alizarin crimson added to it. Be careful not to make the lips look too pink or red, unless there is lip stick on the subject. Lips are really just a little pinker or reder than the flesh color. The outline color should be slightly darker than the actual lip color. Think of this stage as a coloring book. For the outline of the lips you are just painting over your drawn lip lines.

After you have painted the outline color, use the same color but a little lighter and paint in the upper lip. The upper lip will be darker than the bottom lip. Now, paint in the bottom lip with a slightly lighter lip color.

Highlight the lips

Now highlight both lips. The upper lip will have a touch of very light lip color or even white right along the very top center portion. The lower lip will have quite a large area of highlight along the “puffy” center of the lip. The highlight gives the illusion that the puffy portion of lip is rounded and closer to the viewer if you will. When you add the light or whitened highlights to the bottom lip do so in vertical strokes. You should leave a few stroke lines to indicate lines in the skin that make up the lips.

If your subject is a person wearing lip stick you could be done with the lips because lipstick sometimes shows a defined line. But if the subjects’ lips are natural, you should gently blend the lip color into the flesh color of the face so that a hard edge does not exist where there is none.

Final Touches

The last thing to do with a closed mouth is to add shadows directly above the top lip where the crease under the nose is, and directly under the bottom lip and in the chin area. Painting people accurately is an art that requires much practice and patience. You should purchase literature for acrylic painting techniques that demonstrates these methods.

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Can Stair Lifts Go Around Corners?

Stair lifts are accessibility solutions designed for people with restricted mobility to help them move between the different floors in the house without seeking help from others. With advancements in technology, a wide range of safer and more reliable home stair lifts are now available in the industry.

When buying chair lifts, an important question in your mind may be “can stair chair lifts go around corners?” The answer to your question is yes. There are home chair lifts designed to go around corners. You can buy stair chair lift models with exclusive functionalities that go well with curved as well as straight and spiral staircases.

Stair lift systems are available in two types — straight and curved. The one ideal for you will depend on the kind of stairs you have in your house. Straight stairway lifts are designed to be used on straight stairway configurations whereas curved stair chair lift systems are used on stairways with angles, bends, curves and intermediate landings.

Curved Stair Lifts to Go around Corners

Designed to go around corners, curved chair lifts can be customized to the required shape and size to suit the curves and landings of the staircase. In terms of installation, straight stair lifts can be set up easily, whereas curved stair lifts require more time. These stair lifts are available in AC and DC models. The DC model comes with battery back-up and is more expensive.

Branded Stairlifts for Flawless Functioning

Exclusive models of stair chair lifts for straight, curved and spiral stairways are available from well-known manufacturers including ThyssenKrupp Access, Savaria and Bruno. All models are incorporated with advanced safety features and user-friendly controls to ensure safe and smooth floor to floor movement. Comfort, Levant and Flow II, Electra Ride-LT, Electra-Ride Elite, Step Saver Straight stair chair, Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor, Electra-Ride II and Electra-Ride III are some of the popular models you can choose from.

Advantages of using Stair Lifts

• Provides easy and comfortable access

• Strong and durable

• Virtually maintenance free

• Real space saver

• Does not require any architectural modifications

• Best suited for indoor and outdoor use

• Offers a smooth, comfortable and safe ride

• Increases the value of your house

If you are planning to invest in an electric chair lift, it is very important to avail of professional assistance from reliable dealers. A reputable and professional company can offer you trouble-free installation, repair and maintenance service, and timely inspection for your curved stairway lift. With such value-added services you will be able to utilize the equipment without any difficulties for a long term. An experienced dealer can also provide valuable advice that will help you choose the right chair lift for your use. When buying stair lifts for your home, the core points to consider include the extent of disability of the user, stairway design, safety options and budget.

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Source by Jai Gaitonde

Things to See and Do on Low Cost Holidays to Italy

Should you be seeking fun-filled low cost holidays that offer a wide range of things for you to see and do, there may be few better places to visit than Italy.

Whether you’re seeking captivating culture, fantastic food or adrenalin-pumping activities, you will find the country offers these – and much more – in abundance.

And this can particularly prove to be the case if you visit Rome, the nation’s capital.

The founding point of the Roman Empire, you will find plenty of stunning ancient attractions, not least of all the Colosseum, which was built around 2,000 years ago.

Meanwhile, the Roman Forum, Pantheon, the Piazza del Campidoglio and the city’s catacombs are also must-sees.

However, if you’re keen to see something a little more contemporary, why not pay a visit to the National Gallery of Modern Art?

Visiting Rome also gives you the chance to go to the Vatican City. While the Vatican is located in the heart of Rome it is actually a separate country. Home to the Pope, you will find a number of captivating attractions including St Peter’s Basilica – the world’s largest church.

Going on Sardinia holidays can also be a great way to see Italy. The island, located to the west of the mainland, is the second largest in the Mediterranean and is a fantastic place to take part in sports such as sailing and kitesurfing.

You can also visit several ancient archaeological sites including the Ruins of Nora.

And be sure to head to the island’s capital – Cagliari – for some fantastic cuisine. Many of the dishes served in the restaurants and cafes incorporate seafood, so you may find you are able to dine on fish caught from the sea earlier that day.

Venice’s world-famous network of canals could make the perfect setting for a romantic break. Why not hire a gondola, so you can take in the city’s breathtaking architecture from the water?

Once the ride is over head to St Mark’s Square – or the Piazza San Marco as it is known by the locals. Here you can see sights including the ornate 15th century clock tower that sits on top of the Procuratie Vecchie.

The Franciscan church Basilica dei Frari is just one of the many other attractions worth checking out in Venice, while cinema lovers may be interested to note that the city is home to the world’s longest running film festival.

When thinking about where to go on a low cost holiday to Italy, you may also want to consider a trip to Milan. Situated in the north of the country, the city is home to the world’s largest gothic cathedral.

Milan holds a fashion week twice a year drawing designers and models from across the world, so heading here when the festival is on could be a fantastic trip for style queens. However, if you prefer football over fashion then a visit to the San Siro – where both AC and Internazionale play – may be up your street.

Other sights include the Milan Aquarium – which is home to more than 100 species of marine life – and the Leonardo da Vinci National Science and Technology Museum where you can find out more about the famous Italian artist and scientist.

However, if you’re keen to get back to nature, you may find the Lake Como area to be for you. Here you can relax by the water before exploring a number of historic homes.

With so many attractions, you can be sure of finding an Italian holiday that will appeal to you.

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Source by Dipika Patel

Baby Boomers: Should You Downsize?

My husband, Scott, and I downsized from a 3,000-square-foot home to a 400-square-foot casita almost two years ago.

We’ve never been happier.

Have any of you boomers downsized or are you planning to do so in the near future?

You’re not alone.

Recently, there’s been a cultural shift with more people interested in living minimally and choosing to live with less. And not just us boomers who may be empty nesters.

Part of the trend may be due to author Marie Kondo’s popular book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing,” which encourages minimalism by urging readers to get rid of things that don’t bring them joy.

Then there was the whole “tiny house” movement. More and more people began choosing experiences, adventures, and seeing the world over a big house with a huge mortgage.

Although minimalism isn’t exactly the same concept as the hippie movement in the 60s, you boomers may relate. Remember when many young people thought society had been corrupted by capitalism and the materialist culture it created? Although a more radical time, it dawned on many that while pursuing “success,” people lost sight of the more meaningful experiences life had to offer.

Of course, this is a personal and important decision that’s not for everyone. But, why should you consider moving to a smaller home?

Why Downsize?

The pandemic made many boomers rethink their priorities.

After being separated from family during the pandemic, some wanted to move closer to their children and grandchildren. If their kids live where the cost of living is higher, a smaller house may make the move possible. If their children have large properties, tiny houses may be an option.

Some boomers lost their jobs or watched their retirement dreams fade as the pandemic raged on and were forced to look at other options. That may have included selling their large family home and downsizing to cut expenses.

In fact, money is a primary motivating factor when deciding to downsize, according to a survey in the article, “The Upside to Downsizing.” When respondents were asked why they might want to purchase a smaller home, 59% of baby boomer homeowners said saving money was their primary reason for doing so.

Others, like myself, chose smaller digs as a lifestyle choice. True, Scott and I wanted to save more money for retirement, but we also wanted to live a simpler life to have more time for meaningful activities and pursue our goals and dreams.

The survey showed that desiring less responsibility and more freedom definitely played a part in the decision making. A third of boomers (38%), perhaps empty nesters, stated their previous home was simply too large. Another 36% claimed their larger home was too much work to clean and maintain. The survey revealed 22% wanted to reduce stress and 16% liked the idea of reducing clutter.

That was certainly the case with my husband and I. After my son was granted full custody of his children, we volunteered to move into our two-room casita and rent the main house to him and the kids. We had been considering downsizing for awhile.

Turning 60, we wanted to make the decade count while we were still healthy enough to do so. By this time, I was tired of the responsibility of cleaning a big house. Fascinated with living a minimalistic lifestyle, we watched endless episodes of “Tiny House” programs on HGTV. It soon became apparent, we wanted to spend more time on meaningful activities and new adventures. In other words, a large home no longer served our needs.

Although, I have to admit, there was a bit of trepidation downsizing from a 3,000-square-foot home to a 400-square-foot casita. Would we really enjoy it? The answer is a resounding yes! We have absolutely no regrets and savor our newfound freedom.

My son’s rent payment on the house covers most the mortgage and we split the cost of utilities. In addition, because we have less space to store possessions, we consume less. These changes have allowed us to save money and realize some of our dreams now and inch closer to other goals.

Since we downsized, we were able to achieve my lifetime dream of traveling to Africa. We just purchased a travel trailer and are having fun camping now and are one step closer to realizing Scott’s dream of traveling the states together after he retires.

Without the responsibility of caring for a large home and yard, we feel our time is better spent in spiritual activities and volunteer work. Not to mention, I now have more time to work on my latest writing project – a book on writing in retirement that is currently in the editing process.

Perhaps author Sheri Koones put things in the proper perspective. She encouraged using the term “right-sizing” instead of the word “downsizing,” which can feel like you’re being deprived. Right-sizing focuses on what is “right” for you now – on what’s really important to you – and finding a way to incorporate those priorities in your life. Right-sizing allows you to create the lifestyle you want with more money to enjoy it.

For example, maybe you want to relocate to a warmer climate. A smaller home can allow more time and money for outdoor activities like golf, tennis, or cycling. Perhaps you want to live in an exciting, bustling city within walking distance of restaurants, bars, theaters, and shopping and choose to live in a smaller condo or apartment.

Right-sizing can open doors.

The Downside of Downsizing

Of course, saying all this, there are some cons to downsizing.

In the survey, respondents cited having less space and privacy as the most difficult adjustment to downsizing. Interestingly, almost twice as many Millennials and Gen Xers complained about privacy issues than baby boomers.

Half the respondents admitted getting rid of possessions was a big challenge.

Moving, no matter the circumstances, is stressful and can be expensive.

If you enjoy gardening, you will probably have less space to do so. And if you love entertaining guests, a smaller home may get in the way.

My Tips to Downsizing

As one who has been there and done that, here are some tips for those of you who want to downsize like me:

* First of all, this is a big decision. Don’t rush it. Consider all your options when it comes to downsizing with your lifestyle goals in mind. Do you want a smaller one-level home that allows room for friends, family, and those precious grandchildren to visit? Are you social and want to live in a 55 and older community that offers a variety of recreational activities? Or are you adventurous and want the freedom of a home on wheels like a RV, trailer, or tiny house – or maybe even a houseboat? Is it more important that you live in the city or do you need a yard?

* Not sure what you want? You may want to rent an apartment or a tiny house before making a purchasing decision.

* If you are downsizing, it’s important to consider just how small you want to go. Even 50 extra square feet makes a big difference in a small home. After purchasing our camping trailer, I realized that these 200-square-feet “tiny houses” or living full-time in a RV is not for me. I prefer a foundation under my feet. We are fortunate to have a separate room for our bedroom which allows us some personal space. Also, unusual for tiny houses, our fairly large bathroom actually has a double sink. Believe me, that makes a big difference! Give careful thought about what’s essential to you.

* When it comes time to let go of your treasures, work on one room at a time so you’re not overwhelmed. Remember, photo albums that take tons of space can be digitized. If you have collections, try to choose a few items that mean the most to you and either sell the rest, or perhaps a family member may want part of it. In my case, my son agreed to keep my treasured antique book collection in the main house. If you have an emotional attachment to certain items, you may want to consider storage options.

* You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s true. Light colors and keeping clutter to a bare minimum makes smaller spaces appear larger.

* Make your outdoor space count. To help solve the problem of a lack of space to entertain guests, we fixed up the courtyard where we have room for two large tables. We use that space often for ourselves as well, for outdoor dining and extra living space.

* I soon found out storage is everything when you are living in a small home. Be sure to use lots of hidden storage and multi-purpose furniture.

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Source by Julie Gorges

Tattoo Tips To Consider

Tattoos are an excellent way to show love to your body and express your creativity. To get beautiful tattoos, you need to consider a number of tips. Some of these tips include:

Be cautious of the needles you use

The type of needles you use determines the quality of the tattoos. It also determines your health. As rule of thumb, you should never use rusty, dirty needles. To get good quality art, go with clean, non-sketch tools. The best needles that you should use are individually packaged, sterilized needles that are usually cheap and easy to find. If you are operating on a budget, you should sterilize new needles using a burning flame. To avoid infections and spread of diseases don’t reuse or share needles.

Hire an experienced professional

Just like with in any other area, you can’t get ideal results from an inexperienced professional. When making tattoos, there is the issue of the artist poking too hard or pushing the needle too deep. This tends to cause swelling, tissue damage, and infection. To ensure that the process is painless as possible, hire a professional who has the necessary experience. If you want a friend to do it for you, ensure that he/she has done it before.

Stop at the right time

When applying tattoos, you will be introducing new materials in your body. You also will be using sharp materials that can react with your body. One of the most common problems with tattoo application is swelling. It’s common for the body to swell but if it gets too much, you should stop it. Some people make the mistake of powering through it which isn’t wise. Doing so results to more irritation which can make the process longer. When the swelling gets too much, you should take a break and resume after the skin has cooled.

Take good care of the art

Once you have successfully got your tattoo, you need to take good care of it for it to heal properly. You need to apply ointment to it, wrap it a few hours, and wash it regularly with an antibacterial soap. It’s common for some areas to develop an infection. When you notice it, contact a doctor before it gets worse.


These are some of the tips you should consider when going for a tattoo. As mentioned, work with an experienced professional. You also need to properly take care of the tattoo to avoid complications and infections.

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Source by Idd Aziz

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