Haitian Art: Most Appreciated and Recognized Form of Art in the World

Haitian art is the perfect representation of the history and culture of Haiti. Haiti has always been known for its complex tradition, hardships and political problems. Due to the effect of colonization, the Haitian culture and history reflects the African, Catholic, tribal and Voodoo culture. Like most of the art forms, the Haitian art also focuses on daily life and day-to-day activities of the Haiti and its people. The paintings made by Haitian artists clearly depict daily life and happenings of the city. Apart from this representation, the painting of the artists reflects the steep mountains and bays of this coastal town.

Some Haitian artists were also strongly influenced by the religion and lifestyle. The religion brought by the European and the religion of the indigenous people was keenly reclined to represent it over their paintings. Haitian paintings perfectly represented the human, culture, daily activities and life of the people in the abstract human forms.

Representation of Culture and People by Talented Haitian Artists

The Haitian artists perfectly represent the culture, people and their life in the paintings. The Haitian artists to depict most of the paintings used primary colors. Haitian art is one of the known arts which had used the most prominent and vibrant colors to depict intensely the life and culture of Haitian. Haitian artists are acknowledged for their all-around talent and creativity in their art. They are known to craft amazing Haitian paintings, Haitian sculptures, wood sculptures, wood and metal cravings, voodoo flags, art posters and metal art along with media drawings.

Despite misery and poverty, Haitian artists have depicted the joyfulness of the people in their painting. They display the culture of the people who include different shades of life. Haitian paintings are known to perfectly express the history, the landscape, the beauty, the struggles, the joy and daily activities of the people. Haitian art includes lot many things such as paintings, Haitian sculptures (both wood and metal), basket weaving, pots, recycled metals, sequined Voodoo flags, murals and canvas.

Know How Haitian Art Emerged

The beginning of remarkable Haitian art was in the year 1943. De Witt, an American English teacher, was the first person that has marked a remarkable step in the emergence of Haitian art. He had a passion for painting using especially the watercolor and he started making the paintings to depict the life of poor peoples. Seeing the poverty of the people had made him to offer a place where these poor people can showcase their talent fully. In this manner, he gave a platform to all inspired painters to help them develop their creativity in order to earn their livelihood.

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