Art Games for Adults

When it comes to family get togethers and neighborhood barbeques what better way to spend the season than playing some fun filled games. Share your love of art with your friends and family by involving them in some of the most celebrated art games of all time. Here is a list of art games for adults that you should take part next time you have a room filled with fun people.

1. Pictionary: This game is still one of the most loved art games to this day. As one of the best-known drawing games, Pictionary is a very fun game to play in any social setting. This needs three or more players and a couple of art easels with endless sheets of paper. How it works is one team member gets a word and has to draw out what it is while the other team member guesses what it is. This happens in 60 seconds flat and the teams alternate turns. You can purchase this game at any major department store. It comes in themed editions and it’s super affordable.

2. Barbarossa: This is a really fun game for three to six players in their teens or early adult age. What happens is each player has to sculpt a word in clay. You will get penalized if it’s too easy or it is too hard. The remaining players have to guess the word using a circular, movable board to ask questions. The key is, you have to have the gold to move. This is a great game to play with the family.

3. Cranium: This is a great trivia game that involves a lot of creativity. You wear one of four different hats: the Creative Vat, the Data Head, the Star Performer, or the Word Worm. The reason why this game is so dun is that you will be drawing, acting, sculpting, whistling, spelling, crying, laughing, whatever it possibly takes for your team member to figure out the answer. This game needs at least four or more players and it’s a hoot.

During the holiday season you may want to gather up the crowd for night filled of hilariously fun art games. Choose from the top three art games of all time or browse your local department store for more ideas.

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