Art for the Non-artist: of Course It’s Possible

Can a non-artist who understands the benefits of art learn how to teach others art? First of all, most people would ask at this point why someone would want to do that. The answer to that question has many angles from having an art workshop of your own to learning a valuable talent that will keep on giving for years to come. So, let’s explore that and then we’ll go over some points about how a non-artist can learn how to teach art.

A non-artist doesn’t have to miss out on the business explosion that will take place as art workshop centers start sprouting up throughout the country. Art workshop centers are the answer to education budget cuts that move to take art out of schools. They provide parents with an answer for making sure their kids keep art in their lives. Art workshop centers are also the leading rest and relaxation activity of baby boomers approaching retirement. They not only want to engage in art. They want to engage in the business of art as a supplemental income.

Art workshop centers are virtually anyone’s enterprise. When people participate in art, they feel the benefits almost immediately. They become relaxed and yet, focused at the same time. They have a relief from the world of stress that they must endure daily. Plus, they have a fun task that they feel is worth doing. Most people get stuck in the day to day routines of their lives and they look at their daily tasks as things they have to do instead of want to do. But, they feel guilty that taking time for personal reasons to work on an art project is leisure that they are not allowed to enjoy.

Even the non-artist can see that there is a need here. Educating the community on the benefits of art and making people understand that they need art in their lives is a first step. Then, you can provide the people of your community with a place they can go to learn and enjoy art. You can provide an art workshop center. A place that is totally involved in art, where everyone is there for art and where people can feel at home exploring art. But, the non-artist might not feel welcome in that community. So, we bring the non-artist into the community!

Learning art and becoming certified to run your own art workshop is not hard at all. I’ve taught plenty of people The Rivky Method tm. Some of my students had absolutely no artistic ability at all. But, it was great watching the light bulb go off on top of their head when they finally understood the basic concepts I was trying to teach them. They learned how to see an object for what it was. They learned how to transfer what they saw to a surface. And they learned how to look around and start viewing art through the artist’s eyes.

I’ve certified plenty of my students and now they are off running their own art workshops. It’s phenomenal to see the transformation. And I know that the benefits of art are getting introduced to different communities. I’m no longer leading my own campaign. Non-artists and artists alike are reaching out to people who want art, know that they need art and have no way of exploring art. From the parent to the child, from the retired to the lady just beginning, everyone can benefit from art. So, art workshop centers are needed.

Any entrepreneur would have recognized an opportunity by now. But, not just for the business people in our world. Art workshop centers are great for the stay at home mom. They are perfect for the person approaching retirement who just wants to find something enjoyable to do that will bring in some extra money. The only thing is that art workshop centers have a tendency to become very lucrative.

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