How to Paint a Moose

Isn’t it wonderful to get a second chance?  To live a part of life over again because the first time was so great?  Such an opportunity came to me recently in the form of an offer to have me do a complete makeover on Wolfgang Amadeus Moozart.

Let us turn the clock back 9 years to the millennium year, 2000, and the Moose in the City project in Toronto.  Artists submitted applications and their submissions were juried to see who would be painting the giant fiberglass moose that were to enhance the city and were to be ensconced in prominent locations.  The business community supported this civic endeavour  that was great for tourism, great for the artists, great for the beautification of the city and great for art lovers. The moose were then sold at auction and the funds presented to worthwhile causes such as for athletes going to the Olympics.  In total 326 moose roamed the city.

I had the good fortune to submit Wolfgang Amadeus Moozart as a concept and had it commissioned by Sotheby’s Art Auction House.  The moose arrived on my friend’s driveway and the idea was that I would paint it in the garage in case it rained.  The moose was far too big to fit in the garage.  Neighbours were very interested in the project and brought lawn chairs and watched and chatted while it was being painted.  Moozart was placed in the reflecting pool at Roy Thomson Hall.

At Marilyn Lastman’s Arts Ball, Moozart was purchased by the Shade O Matic company in Toronto and has been proudly living on a hill facing the 400 highway at Finch Avenue.  It has been seen by millions of people going north and south.

Last week,  after a call from the Shade O Matic Company, I started repainting Moozart whose fine clothing, gracious red jacket, ruffle front tuxedo shirt, black breeches, long white woolen hose and black shoes with gold buckles, needed freshening up.  Moozart required vigorous sanding, washing with a pollution remover, primer sealing and now for the art part – repainting.  Be on the lookout for the new updated version of Wolfgang Amadeus Moozart, soon once again proud and elegant on the hill outside the company ready to receive visitors and viewers alike.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Source by Valerie Kent

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