Sanding Skirting Boards – Preparing the Surface Before You Paint Them

Whilst there are manufacturers offering customised skirting boards – typically those with sanded and painted wood finishes – there are people out there wanting to paint the materials after they are installed. Well, if you are one in this list of individuals, you should learn how to prepare the surface in such a way that they will look favourable before you actually paint them. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts dictate that sanding skirting boards are important before going to the next critical step.

Sanding will actually prepare the surface of the skirting boards by getting rid of the bumps or imperfections on the surface. Typically, all you need is a specialised sand paper to help you achieve the outcome you want. If you want the boards to serve its purpose aesthetically, you should learn about this technique. There are tips to take note of in the process.

Preparing your skirting boards before you paint them

When sanding your skirt boards, there are two processes to consider. The process depends on the type of material you have used. To make you understand about what these processes are, look into the following explanations.

  1. The use of modern equipment. Aside from relying on sandpapers to sand the surface, there is one modern gadget you may use to spruce up your skirt boards. This is known as the electric sander. Remember that this electric gadget may only be utilised for flat surfaces. For uneven portions, traditional sandpaper should be used.
  2. Sanding old skirting boards. There is no exemption on sanding old baseboards. Simply put, even if the paint of the old board is in good shape, there is still a need to sand them. This is to make sure that the new paint will stick to the surface. As for old skirting boards that are already in a very poor condition, scraping and sanding off of the chipped or cracked part will be required. The cracked portion should be filled with the so-called flexible wood filler. Wait for the filler to dry before sanding the surface.

Preparing the surface of the skirting boards – things to do other than sanding

Sanding is not the only crucial thing you should go through before painting your skirting boards. You must also consider other steps to make sure that the surface is prepared. Here are two more things to take note of:

  1. Apply knot-sealing solution. The knot-sealing solution is responsible not only for sealing knots but for preventing your paintwork from damages. You must apply several coats of this solution before painting the woodwork.
  2. Make use of masking tape. The masking tape should be placed over the board to protect your walls and floors during the painting process. Make sure that you do not leave the masking tape too long on the surface though as it may cause some marks once the paint dries up.

The sander, knot-sealing solution and masking tape are three materials that will prepare your skirting boards before you paint them. The task may seem time-consuming and daunting but it will make the surface look better for the purposes it will serve. If you have any queries regarding these techniques, never hesitate to ask professional help. This will make your skirting boards look better than you have ever-imagined.

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