uxcell 5-Piece Painting Knife Set

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Every artist needs a good selection of palette knives. This 5-piece stainless steel set offers assorted shapes and styles at a reasonable price. Use to mix paint such as acrylics and oils for canvas painting, but also excellent for applying paints using thick paint palette knife techniques. Features natural wood handles and stainless steel blades.Product Name : Artist Painting Spatula Set; Material : Stainless Steel, Wood
Color : Silver Tone, Dark Brown
Size : Longest one:8.75″ in Length, Shortest One: 6.85″ in Length
Net Weight : 83g
Package Content : 5 x Artist Painting Spatula Cutter Set
Versatile 5-Piece palette knife set
Assorted shapes and styles for a variety of techniques
Stainless steel blades with wood handles
Primary use is to mix colors
Also excellent for thick paint applications

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