How to paint sunset’s using acrylic paints

For those artists looking for a fantastic way of painting stunning sunsets using acrylic painted here are some tips and pointers to get you started. This is not a ‘How to’ guide it is simply a method that I have been using for many years in my art career.

Ok we’re assuming that you are going to create your sunset on a blank piece of white primed canvas. Follow the steps below for a perfect stunning sunset canvas painting.

Step 1

Using a thinly watered down mix of a touch of one part cadmium yellow to three parts of raw sienna paint the entire canvas using horizontal strokes as if you were priming the canvas surface, as initially that is what we’re doing is priming the canvas in preparation for our sunset canvas painting. Don’t forget to do the sides as well. Allow drying, you can speed up this process using a hair dryer.

Step 2

Ok once the canvas has dried we can then begin work on our sunset canvas painting. Determine where your horizon is going to be and with a pencil mark out the line of the horizon. I’d recommend about 3-4 inches from the bottom of the canvas.

Step 3

Using a mix of two part Winsor blue or Pthalo blue and three parts of titanium white or mixing white begin painting the part between the top of the skyline and about 3-4 inches above the horizon line. Working your way to the top of the canvas gradually mix the blue to become deeper in colour until you have a deep blue to light blue effect horizon. By the time you begin work on the horizon the light blue section will have dried to about 60 – 70%. Leaving the central part of the horizon blank, mix some light yellow and titanium white and paint the middle 3-4 inch section of the horizon, working downwards to a deeper yellow and a touch of cadmium orange which will eventually sit on the horizon line. Using plain titanium white paint the central blank spot in a small circular motion until you overlap the yellow and orange slightly. Allow drying, you can speed up this process using a hair dryer.

Step 4

Once your sunset painting has dried you can begin adding highlights here and there perhaps some more yellow or orange or white. Add some streaks of pinkie red in and around the setting sun. In the deep blue section you can add some stars. Don’t forget to paint the sides to match the rest of your artwork.

Step 5

Once you’re completely satisfied with the look and feel of your sunset painting you can begin painting the dark horizon in a mix of mars black and cadmium red and orange. Allow to dry and sign your masterpiece. There you have it, five easy steps to creating your very own sunset canvas painting.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Source by Fabrizio Van Marciano

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