His Most Famous Painting (The Study For This Sovereign Life) – Jim Dine

Jim Dine (b 1935) is a well-known American ‘Pop’ artist (painter, sculptor, printmaker, illustrator, performance artist, stage designer, and poet) of the twentieth century. ‘Pop Art’ is a form of ‘Contemporary Art’ that derives its ideas from commonplace to unique materialistic objects, such as packaging of products, advertisements, comic strips, and photographs of celebrities. Dine […]

The Art of Making Friends

Making friends is an art and, you will need to learn some of the things that it takes to get the art. The art of making friends unlike what many think is not complicated at all. You will need to look for vital tips that will actually guide you. To make good friends, we need […]

Bendon Disney Princess Take-Along Art Case Activity Set

Jetzt kaufen Bendon Disney Princess Take-Along Art Case Activity Set Take-along art case with molded plastic glitter handle and see-thru lid features your favorite licensed foam character stampers. A complete art set for hours of creative fun. Includes 6 markers, 3 stampers, 1 ink pad,6 crayons, paint set with 5 paints and a paintbrush. Features: […]

Japanese Samurai Culture

Word samurai usually refers to warrior nobility nowadays. But in the preindustrial age samurai meant a Japan warrior. During Tokugawa era, samurais lost military functions and became bureaucrats, as they had to be literate. They followed a strict codes and rules, which were called bushido. Samurai culture ranged from a spartan Zen Buddhism influence to […]

FolkArt Painting Stencil, 30610 Curly Tree

Jetzt kaufen FolkArt Painting Stencils-Curly Tree. Delight in an expansive color palette and explore new painting techniques with FolkArt premium acrylic paints. Developed for both strokework painting and a variety of decorative craft activities, the FolkArt line of paints features amazing colors in a variety of formulas and finishes to inspire your creativity. Perfect for […]

Pros and Cons of Studying the Arts

Not everyone wants to spend their three or more years at university studying a vocational, scientific or technical subject. Studying the Arts subjects such as art, religion or classics can still open many employment doors. Art is not usually a subject that you will choose to study unless you hold a dedication and passion for […]

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