How to Draw a Real Car – Easy Tips to Draw a Car

If your anything like me your sick of the way your car drawings look and you want to learn how to draw a real car. Make the shadows look real, the tints look real, the tires look real and create a car that looks like it’s just sitting there on the paper purring away. I’m going to give you a few tips on how you can make this happen and hopefully you can start creating some hot cars right away.

4 Quick Tips On How To Draw A Real Car…

1. Contrast: A great way to make your car look real is the use of contrast. I mean contrast in terms of tone. To achieve best results you need to have different pencils on hand. Trying to make a car look real with one type of pencil just won’t work. You need to be able to use dark tones, mid tones and highlights when your learning how to draw a real car.

2. Shadows: Creating realistic shadows will take you a big step closer to learning how to draw a real car. Not just a fuzzy shadow the car casts on the ground, but being able to project a shadow from a source light point and cast a very accurate shadow that plays all over the car and ground surface. You can do this by projecting lines from a single point of your choosing on your page and offsetting the line as it hits every point of your car. Do this right and you will have a realistic car growling at you on your piece of paper!

3. Grids: The use of a grid will greatly improve the accuracy of your drawings. Being able to work on your drawing only paying attention to one grid at a time gives you the ability to focus on all the minor details of your car without getting distracted. It also enables you to compare the line ratios and and proportions of your drawing, so it won’t end up looking wonky and loose.

4. Patience: This might seem like a bit of cliche, but learning how to be patient and correct your mistakes on a drawing you think is ruined is very important. If you give up on a drawing to quickly because it looks bad, your never going to learn how to draw a real car and make it look good.

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