What Do Tiger Tattoos Symbolize in Eastern Cultures?

Tigers represent various characteristics – virility, strength, power, arrogance, pride, passion and royalty amongst others. Tigers symbolize various things across cultures. But mainly, tigers have an important role to play in Indian, Chinese and Japanese cultures. Since tigers are such majestic animals, they are one of the top animals people wish to get tattooed on […]

How To Paint Your Snowboard

If you are a typical snowboarder, you want to be a bit unique and stand out on the slopes. One way to do this is with your choice of snowboard apparel. However, another very popular ways to do this is to custom paint your snowboard. You can do this yourself, if you have the time […]

Ninjutsu: The Benefits of the Ancient Art of the Ninja

What does the word “Ninjutsu” bring to mind? Black clad Ninja Assassins demonstrating miraculous feats of acrobatics and throwing around deadly “ninja stars”? If so, then you might have a hard time believing that Ninjutsu, the ancient art of the Ninja, is perfectly applicable and useful to someone who lives in the modern, fast-paced world […]

Soil and Soul

Landscape painting has been a popular genre among the viewers of Pakistani art owing to its no-iconoclastic nature. Even a layman is a good admirer of landscape painting. This is one reason that we can find this style of painting, as a part of miniature painting, back in the times of the Mughals and then […]

A History of Japanese Xenophobia

Japanese xenophobia should be understood properly prior to jumping to any reactive conclusions. Xenophobia is not really racism, although it can occasionally cross the line in Japan and both are occasionally evidenced. For Japanese society any xenophobia is more of a fear of the unknown and a fear of being overpowered by that which is […]

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