How to Use SWOT Analysis to Formulate Strategies

Using SWOT Analysis as a tool to formulate Strategy is one of the most effective tool in Strategic Planning. It is a factual analysis due to its extensive data collection and analysis of the data collected. It is effective because the analysis covers a wide spectrum of business environment during data collection. Its takes into […]

Art Deco Style Engagement Rings

Thanks to the recent Deco resurgence, Art Deco Engagement Rings are once again in vogue. Brides-to-be are becoming more vocal when it comes the style of engagement ring they would like. The thinking is that if I’m going to be wearing it my whole life – I want to love it! And women want to […]

Bonsai Tree Meaning

A lot of people wonder about the meaning behind the bonsai tree. Well, let’s start with the meaning of the word itself. Bonsai, first of all, is a Japanese word and could be translated as ‘a tree in a pot’. The art of bonsai growing, however, did not originate in Japan but in China. It […]

A History of Japanese Xenophobia

Japanese xenophobia should be understood properly prior to jumping to any reactive conclusions. Xenophobia is not really racism, although it can occasionally cross the line in Japan and both are occasionally evidenced. For Japanese society any xenophobia is more of a fear of the unknown and a fear of being overpowered by that which is […]

Muscle Weakness – How to Prevent This Menopause Symptom

Menopause and muscle weakness is an inescapable fact of every aging woman’s life and dealing with the accompanying symptoms is an achievable goal through proper health management. Menopause and the problems that come along with it is largely dependent upon a woman’s genetic make-up, but equally responsible is the way she has led her life. […]

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