Painting Problems – Paint Cracking

Paint cracking is a common problem, usually quite visible in older homes with a lot of layers of paint. It looks like a flattened spider web of cracks in the paint. The similar term crackling is used to refer to a fuax finishing painting technique to that is meant to resemble cracked paint found in […]

How Much Time Does It Take to Settle an Estate?

Settling an estate after someone dies can take a considerable length of time to complete, usually longer than you anticipate. Can it be settled in 6 months? Maybe, but it’s unlikely. 12 months? Sometimes, but in my experience it takes 12 – 18 months to settle most middle-class estates. “But I just have to cancel […]

Fabric Painting As A Career

Fabric painting is not the most conventional of careers to choose from; in fact most would relegate it to the hobbies listing, an obscure craft. Some would ask, “Who would want to spend their career with fabric paint?” But think about it; if the career were not a significant one, we would all be sitting […]

Wassily Kandinsky and His Many Styles

Wassily Kandinsky is the artist responsible for painting the first strictly abstract works. Born in Moscow on December 16, 1866, Mr. Kandinsky grew up in Odessa before enrolling in the University of Moscow. He chose to study economics and law and was very successful in these fields. He was even offered a professorship at the […]

Does Tai Chi Have Belts Or A Belt Rank System?

There is no central organization or federation controlling the study of tai chi chuan (taijiquan), and as such, there is no standard belt-ranking system. While for whatever reasons this unsettles some people, it is actually quite liberating, allowing a high degree of flexibility and expression – as any art should. And yes, tai chi is […]

What Are the Best Paint Colors For Hospital Walls?

There’s hardly a secret anymore that human behavior is highly influenced by colors. Scientific studies have proven that our emotions and mood are affected when surrounded by particular colors. Some cause us to be more aggressive, whereas others have a soothing effect on us. From psychologists to interior designers, everybody seems fascinated with the phenomenon. […]

Love Avoidance: The Confusing Feelings of Codependency

In a codependent relationship, obsessive love can trump a healthy, balanced partnership. Often times, the individual who exhibits codependent tendencies may protect his or her own feelings by becoming love avoidant. The irony is that as this individual emotionally withdraws to protect her own feelings, she will go to great lengths to win her partners […]

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