How To Remove Rust From Japanese Tea Pots

Japanese teapot tetsubin has greatly evolved. It originated as a vessel used centuries ago to heat water for tea and now is also used to provide warmth and humidity in every home during the winter or even all year round. With its amazing aesthetic and functionality, modern tetsubins now come in variety of style, design […]

Jamie Nelson, Talented Photographer

I was able to grab an interview with Jamie Nelson the photographer published in popular magazines Zink, Linie De Luxe, Plaza, and Highlights. Her work is also shown in art galleries across the globe. I was absolutely in love with her pictures the first time I glanced upon them. She uses bold color and graphics […]

Factors to Consider Before Painting Your Home

Are you planning to paint your home? Whether you’re planning to paint the interior, exterior, or both, it’s important to consider several factors. Typically you’ll need to repaint your home’s interior or exterior every three or four years. Before you actually start the house painting process, here are some important issues to consider: 1. A […]

‘Legend of Samarra’ Haunts Iraq Terrorism

‘Legend of Samarra’ Haunts Iraq Terrorism An old legend tells of a Baghdad merchant who sent his servant to the market. Soon, the servant returned — white and trembling — and said to his master: “At the market, the Angel of Death jostled me and gave me the Evil Eye. Please lend me your horse […]

Wassily Kandinsky and His Many Styles

Wassily Kandinsky is the artist responsible for painting the first strictly abstract works. Born in Moscow on December 16, 1866, Mr. Kandinsky grew up in Odessa before enrolling in the University of Moscow. He chose to study economics and law and was very successful in these fields. He was even offered a professorship at the […]

Brief Account of Life and Work of Shahnawaz Zaidi

Shahnawaz Zaidi is one of the talented and well-known artists of Pakistan. He was born on 24th May 1948. His parents migrated from India, Muzafarnagar, and Uttar Pradesh to Mandibahaudin near Gujarat, Pakistan. Zaidi was the fifth of eleven siblings. Till class five he was not allowed to go to school but studied from a […]

Yubinuki – Japanese Thimbles

I once read somewhere, that many things involved in Japanese life and culture have an aesthetic component to it. I too truly believe this. It is important to remember and not simply take for granted the beauty that surrounds us; particularly the things that Nature herself provides us in our environment, to be found and […]

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